The Fixer
S1 episode 10 Aired on September 18, 2019

Angela continues to fight to City Hall, Bobby puts his foot down on Pat McGann, and Jessica comes to stunning realizations regarding the death of Tommy Diehl in the thrilling season finale of Pearson! 

Jessica Answers the Call

Jessica hears from Keri: she needs help with Nick, who has arrived at her doorstep to confess to the murder of Tommy Diehl. When Jessica arrives, she realizes it’s more than dealing with the confession: Nick has a gun with him. She brings Nick home and convinces him to get a good night’s rest, before they move forward with the best way to handle his confession. She makes him give her his gun, not for her safety, but for his…

Jessica grills Nick about holes in his confession and believes he must have had an accomplice that he is hiding from her. During all of this, Jeff is arriving home to surprise Jessica, but is immediately pulled in by the FBI for questioning.  

Bobby Hatches a Plan and Jessica Reasons with Nick 

While Angela’s protest rages on at the steps of City Hall, Bobby has a brief conversation with Derrick where he lays out his plan to use the Icarus press conference to back Pat McGann in a corner, announcing McGann’s “promise” to donate the two hundred vacant apartments he owns to the protestors for a short period of time while the city determines a permanent solution.

McGann says Bobby is self-destructing, but Bobby says he doesn’t care.When Bobby presents this plan to Angela, she doesn’t bite. After Bobby says he can only get the protestors three months for free, Angela explains that they’ll all just end up back on the streets where they are now after those three months are up, leaving Bobby with no solution once again. 

Jessica meets with Angela and boldly offers her the vacant Alderman seat. Angela feels unqualified, but Jessica says that her involvement in the community as an activist leader makes her more than qualified to do the job. Angela doesn’t say yes or no.

Jeff and Jessica Come to a Heart-Breaking Conclusion

Jeff explains to Jessica that the FBI called him into questioning regarding the photos of Tommy Diehl that he sent to her. He reveals that those photos weren’t given to him; he stole them in order to help them out. After Jessica refuses to give him any further information in order to protect Nick, the two recognize that they want to live very different lives and that their relationship cannot survive it. Jeff asks Jessica for one more thing: to go to the police and do what needs to be done to get them out of this mess. He wants her to go and tell the truth. 

Bobby Stands Up for What’s Right…with Consequences

Keri quits for a new job, Bobby’s wife files for divorce, and Bobby finds himself with nothing to lose. He announces to the protestors that he is done with just saying what he needs to say to be re-elected. He promises to do whatever he can to bring affordable housing to the homeless people of Chicago, and if he does not succeed by his re-election, he tells the people to vote him out.

After this honest act, we find out Bobby’s incredibly dishonest past. He meets Jessica in a dark alley -- the flashback scene that we saw in the very first episode. Jessica didn’t go to the police like Jeff asked, she called Bobby instead. Jessica says she knows Nick wasn’t the one who killed Tommy Diehl -- it was Bobby! Nick is just trying to take the fall for him. Jessica promises to help Bobby get out of this mess, but after it is cleared up, she is done being his “errand girl”.