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Posted on 12/05/2018

In some ways, wildly contrasting emotions are a hallmark of Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). The Suits character has a tough mind and a big heart, which means he’ll do just about anything to defend the people he cares about -- and, often, those big swings lead to a Louis Litt-level meltdown. Here are some emotionally tangled moments in the Seven Stages of Louis we'd like to unpack.

Posted on 12/04/2018

The wait is almost over for USA Network's steamy reality show reboot, Temptation Island. Check out an exclusive sneak peek.

Posted on 11/19/2018

Five reasons The Sinner fans should check out (and fall in love with) Bravo’s crime series Dirty John – premiering Nov. 25th!

Posted on 11/19/2018

Want to know when Suits is coming back? Today USA Network announced the premiere date for Season 8.5 of its hit legal drama -- get the scoop!

Posted on 11/14/2018

We love following the glamorous and soulful Veronica Falcon on social media. The Queen of the South star always has something interesting to share, including this cameo by a former co-star. Take a look!

Posted on 11/13/2018

Today, USA Network announced that it will reboot one of the buzziest reality shows in television history: Temptation Island. Get all the details, including when it's premiering on USA!

Posted on 11/12/2018

Being different is good! So says Real Country executive producer and panelist Shania Twain -- and we couldn't agree more!

Posted on 11/07/2018

The season finale of The Purge follows the final hour of Purge Night. Those desperate to purge know their time is nearly up. Those desperate to survive can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Check out the highlights from “A Nation Reborn.”

Posted on 11/06/2018

USA Network announces the second season pickup of The Purge ahead of tonight’s Season 1 finale. Get the scoop!

Posted on 11/01/2018

It's no SVU-Purge crossover, but we were stoked to see Ice-T arrive at Heidi Klum's infamous Halloween party, dressed as a badass-looking Purger!