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Posted on 03/26/2020

It's the breakdown of a marriage deemed one of “America’s messiest divorces” ever. Watch the first trailer for Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, coming soon to USA.

Posted on 03/16/2020

Biggest Loser trainer Erica Lugo reminds us that hitting a temporary plateau every now and then is inevitable. The trick, she says, is to work through it by keeping your focus on the big picture — and to stay committed to your plan.

Posted on 03/09/2020

If you’re just setting out on your own fitness journey, the gym may be an intimidating place. Biggest Loser trainer Erica Lugo has been there, and she says it’s all about making those tough-looking exercises work for you…even if it means making modifications and starting small.

Posted on 03/08/2020

USA Network teased an early look of the upcoming Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story starring Amanda Peet and Christian Slater airing this June. 

Posted on 02/28/2020

Let’s face it: everyone’s busy. Between work, family, and all the errands that keep life moving, the world doesn’t pause to let you whip up a meal every time those hunger pangs hit. But grabbing a quick bite on the go doesn’t have to derail your goals! With a little thought and planning, you can take charge of your eating — even when your to-do list throws you a curve ball.

Posted on 02/24/2020

Colette appears clearheaded but Addy buckles under the pressure in Dare Me season 1, episode 8's top moments.

Posted on 02/24/2020

With a little smart meal planning, flavor doesn’t have to take a back seat to smarter eating. As our contestants found out when they sat down to sample some delicious alternatives with trainers Erica and Steve, it’s all about swapping out the right ingredients — not trying to deprive yourself!

Posted on 02/21/2020

 Harry (Bill Pullman) teases the darker philosophies that drove Jamie (Matt Bomer) in The Sinner Season 3, Episode 3's top moments.

Posted on 02/19/2020

Even in death, Nick (Chris Messina) tempts Jamie (Matt Bomer) towards the dark side in The Sinner Season 3, Episode 2's top moments.

Posted on 02/18/2020

In a new video, USA Network takes a look at Universal Pictures’ upcoming thriller, The Invisible Man.