Sucker Punch
S3 episode 9 Aired on August 14, 2013

Fed up with the lack of hard evidence to build a case against V3, Nico’s FBI contact, Agent Bennett, brings Dani in for questioning. She isn’t about to talk, especially without any legal counsel present, so he reluctantly lets her go. That night Dani gives Nico an earful for breaking his promise about protecting her. He’s just as angry since he had no idea they were going to haul her in. So Nico pays Agent Bennett a visit to “remind” him that they agreed to keep Dani out of the investigation. Bennett, however, has clearly run out of patience. It’s time to get real proof or their deal is off.

Having signed the confidentiality agreement, TK is about to start the experimental treatment at the V3 sports medicine clinic when Dani plants a seed of doubt in his head about the procedure’s safety. Connor assures TK that there’s nothing illegal happening at the clinic but TK still isn’t convinced. When Nico calls him in the middle of the night to ask him to get evidence from the clinic, TK’s fears that something fishy is going on are confirmed.

With Connor’s offer to merge agencies on the table, the romance between Abby and him has been rekindled. Their romantic interludes present her with the perfect opportunity to get him to air his dirty laundry, preferably while she’s wearing the recording device that Troy gave her. When Connor asks her point blank, Abby admits to being the one who tipped off the Feds in the first place but before Connor gives up any information that could be incriminating, he gets a phone call and leaves. He has just received the proof he needed that Troy has been meeting with the V3 board members behind his back. He promptly fires Troy, who threatens that this fight is far from over.

Despite Dani’s plea to get Paloma to share with her the real reason why she left V3, Paloma remains quiet. What Dani doesn’t realize is Paloma has accepted two years’ worth of “severance” from Troy as hush money. But will Paloma hold up her end of the bargain when the unofficial V3assistant network informs her that Dani is being blackmailed and her job and reputation are in jeopardy?