The Game’s Afoot
S3 episode 8 Aired on August 7, 2013

After they kiss, Nico finally tells Dani about his arrangement with the FBI. They join forces to find Joseph Crabchek, each with their own agendas. They discover that Crabchek has assumed a new identity so Dani approaches him with the less antagonistic request of enlisting his help with his old teammate Hutch. The young man denies that he’s Crabchek or knows what she’s talking about. But when Troy and Connor confront Nico and Dani upon their return to the office with Troy claiming Crabchek threatened to sue them for harassment, it’s clear that Crabchek is more than simply avoiding his past.

Paloma returns to the office to find Troy breathing down her neck with threats that she should keep quiet about their previous arrangement. When she tries to lodge a sexual harassment claim with human resources, he turns the tables on her and gets her fired. But that’s not all he’s up to. Meanwhile, with V3 in a vulnerable and unfavorable position due to the FBI investigation, Troy makes his move with the board to oust Connor. With Troy’s loyalty in question, Connor proposes a merger with Abby Bruce’s agency. What he doesn’t realize is that Troy is about to make a similar proposition to her that would cut out Connor.

During practice with the Bobcats, TK badly hurts his arm catching a pass. Connor sends him to the V3 sports medicine clinic but the diagnosis is the same as the Bobcats’ team doctor gave him. The V3 doctor offers one other treatment option, but it’s highly experimental and so confidential that TK would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Desperate for his career not to be over, TK signs just as Crabchek shows up at Dani’s house with a tip to look into the V3 sports medicine clinic…