Bringing the Heat
S3 episode 7 Aired on July 31, 2013

Darryl Hutchinson, the rising star minor league baseball rookie, is about to have his shot at the big leagues but the stress he’s feeling to succeed is so great, he passes out on the mound during a crucial game. Despite the signs that something is clearly wrong with him, he refuses to let Dani help him. To escape the mounting pressure, he quits V3, packs up a van and takes off, much to Connor’s chagrin. In fact, Connor is so angry that ten years of cultivating Hutch’s talent has been flushed down the tubes, he won’t let Dani spend one more minute on him. Tired of Connor bending the rules back and forth to suit his needs, Dani quits. Even when he tries to apologize, Dani refuses to change her mind. If Connor won’t help her help Hutch, then maybe Nico will—that is, if she can finally get him to return her calls.

No one knows that Nico has been sent down to the Cayman Islands by the Feds to follow up on the lead that was revealed by Carl Webber’s flash drive. The trip is a bust, as the alleged children’s hospital that was on the books as part of the V3 Foundation doesn’t exist. The deed to the empty lot belongs to a mechanic in New Jersey. Could the auto repair shop be a front for money laundering? If so, how does it tie back to V3…and to whom?

TK is still flip-flopping back and forth about his relationship with Sheera. After having what he thought was break-up, not make-up, sex, he’s worried that she might do something drastic if he tries to end things with her again. Even after bringing down the hammer in the safety of Dani’s office, he is swayed when Sheera makes one last plea for his forgiveness. True, they’ve both made mistakes in their lives, but is this just another one of Sheera’s con jobs?