Good Will Haunting
S3 episode 6 Aired on July 24, 2013

Dani thinks that Carl Webber is trying to send her a message—not from the Great Beyond but through the flash drive he mailed to her right before he committed suicide. The problem is that whatever is on the drive is encrypted, so Dani turns to Nico for help decoding it. Nico reluctantly agrees. He definitely wants to know exactly what Carl was up to, however he doesn’t want to drag Dani any further into this mess than she already is. But she’s not letting go of that drive. Carl sent it to her for a reason; she owes it to him to figure out why.

When a video of TK and Sheera having relations in the hotel room on the night TK was supposed to be alone during the pre-game curfew goes viral, Coach Wiznewski goes mental. He starts making good on his threat to trade TK to Buffalo, the lowest-ranked team in the league. Connor, not wanting his client’s value in the non-football marketplace to diminish, springs into action. His first stop is Coach Wiz, who has some complicated demands of his own. It’s going to take some high-level maneuverings before the trade deadline by Connor to fix this mess, which already has TK on edge. Sheera, however is not disturbed by the leaked video and seems to be enjoying her time in the spotlight perhaps a little too much…

So far, Troy and Paloma’s unholy alliance is proving to be a mutually beneficial one, that is until Paloma sees Troy getting cozy with another sexy assistant. Now that she realizes that he doesn’t have feelings for her the way she thought he did, she’s not so keen on doing Troy’s Dani-targeted dirty work. Now she has to decide whether the promised promotion is worth it.