V3 For Vendetta
S3 episode 5 Aired on July 17, 2013

Spirits are high at V3 in anticipation of their annual V3 Foundation charity event until the FBI unexpectedly raids their offices. Connor is shocked by the sudden turn of events but immediately puts on a good face for his employees, his clients and the press. One person, however, is not surprised: Nico. However, he had no idea the raid would take place so soon. Now he has to pretend he didn’t have a hand in tipping off the Feds and help Connor and his team navigate through the murky process. Thankfully, Connor is too busy suspecting that his old protégée and now competitor Abby Bruce is behind the raid, mostly because he can’t fathom the idea that one of his own employees would be capable of trying to take down V3.

What Connor doesn’t realize is that one of his very trusted financial advisors, Carl Webber, who is V3’s VP of Accounting and head of the foundation, has been siphoning funds from the charity. When Carl comes forward to Dani to admit his guilt and desperation about being found out, Dani must walk a careful line to help her client while staying on the right side of the law and her employer. Troy, who has never trusted Dani’s loyalty, enlists the very ambitious Paloma to give him Dani’s calendar in exchange for a promotion, which she readily agrees to. To protect her patient and help him do the right thing, Dani pleads with Nico to arrange a deal with the FBI for Carl if he comes clean but Carl panics and doesn’t show up to the meeting. When Nico can’t track him down, Dani suspects the worse.

Despite V3’s legal troubles, the show—in this case, the gala charity event—must go on. “Brickhouse by She-K” makes it debut on the red carpet with Sheera and TK preening for the cameras but TK has a curfew to make or else be kicked off by the team by an already peeved coach. The wild Sheera steals a sports car to get TK back to his room on time but may be putting him in jeopardy by sneaking upstairs with him…