Snap Out Of It
S3 episode 4 Aired on July 10, 2013

Paloma has been giving Dani a hard time about her empty social calendar, particularly the lack of dates on it. She manages to convince Dani to come to a V3 Girls’ Night Out, where Sam Conte—a very attractive V3 agent from the west coast—hits on Dani. But Dani claims she’s too busy to think about dating right now. She’s trying to figure out why motivational speaker, writer and TV personality Nolan Powers has been acting so strangely, including telling Dani he’s considering suicide and disappearing without telling his concerned fiancée where he is.

Complicating matters is the fact that despite his very traumatic childhood, Powers rejects Dani’s offer to help. His whole credo is built around the concept that people don’t need therapy. All they need to do is to “snap out of it.” Instead of believing Dani that something is seriously wrong with Powers, Connor takes Powers’ word that there’s nothing more going on with him than some severe migraines. But when Powers winds up in a police station in Trenton after trying to burn down his childhood home, Connor can no longer deny that Dani is right.

TK and his new lady friend, model and fellow V3 client Sheera, have not only moved past a one-night stand into dating territory, but also they’ve decided to partner up on TK’s business idea to create a women’s lingerie company for buxom women. After Sheera goes around TK to pitch the idea to Connor on her own, TK “fires” her. The only trouble is that Connor loves the proposal and thinks it will work better as a partnership. Whether TK wants to be or not, he’s now formally “in bed” with Sheera.

It becomes clear that Nico has worked out a deal with the feds: they’ll wipe his slate clean with Marshall Pittman if he helps them dig around V3’s accounts. However, in order to hand over the second set of books his hacker has uncovered, Nico wants a serious favor in return.