Swimming With Sharks
S3 episode 3 Aired on June 26, 2013

When the phones and Internet go down at V3, Connor suspects corporate espionage at the hands of “Bruce,” his former assistant who has started a rival agency. It would make sense given that Connor is trying to use Dani as “bait” to lure Devon Langer, the New York Blizzard’s star shooting guard, away from SBG Management. Connor has waived Dani’s exclusivity clause so she can help a troubled Devon, whose free-throw stats have mysteriously dropped in the last couple of months. Dani agrees to take the case as long as she isn’t expected to outright recruit the young player. Though she has an easy fix for his shooting involving some fancy footwork, getting to the root of his psychological problem may not be a slam dunk.

Meanwhile, Abby, who is known in the business by her last name, “Bruce,” has some tricky moves of her own: posing as a potential love interest in an effort to poach TK from the V3 family. After she comes clean with her true intention, she paints a very negative picture of Connor McClane and promises TK much more lucrative endorsement deals than Machismo. But talking it through with Connor only confuses matters. Connor will happily let TK out of his contract but once he goes, the door is closed for good. Now TK has to decide who’s really going to get him what he thinks he deserves and who he can ultimately trust.

The pressure’s on for Nico to do whatever it takes to protect the agency’s information and get the communication system back online. But Anders, who doesn’t completely trust the very man he has hired, is having Nico tailed. Despite that hindrance, Nico manages to find the hacker and set up a “reverse Trojan Horse” to hack the original hackers while safeguarding V3’s confidential information. But only Nico knows that SBG isn’t responsible for the system trespass…