Gimme Some Lovin
S3 episode 2 Aired on June 19, 2013

It’s Dani’s first official day on the job at V3 and she’s already overwhelmed—not by the quantity or kind of patients she’ll have to help but by the enormous office, generous expense account, luxury company car and a hyper-efficient assistant the company has presented her with. Unused to having anyone doing anything for her, Dani resists the perks. But her new boss, Connor McLane, takes her out to dinner and convinces her she deserves to be taken care of and treated well. Despite the growing tension between her and Anders and the continued strangeness with Nico, Dani gives in to the glamorous extras, including the assistance of the energetic Paloma, which come with being employed by V3.

TK has returned to the Hawks but realizing that his days as a pro football player are numbered, he meets with Connor to discuss the potential of securing lucrative endorsement deals like his teammate Rex Evans has as a client of V3. Unfortunately, TK’s bad behavior with Sporty Boost has followed him. However, Connor is willing to give TK a second chance if he can prove to the world that he’s lovable and reliable—no small feat for TK. If he can do it, not only will he secure his financial future, but also he’ll be able to see Dani as a patient again.

While Nico and Dani tag-team on handling a former child-star whose love addiction is getting in the way of shooting her first serious film, he admits to Dani that he never expected her to stay. But she has no idea that he doesn’t want her to stay just as much as Anders doesn’t. Is Nico protecting her…or pushing her out?