Might As Well Face It
S2 episode 9 Aired on August 15, 2012

The Hawks training camp is one preseason game shy of being over-and that means that the dead weight is about to be cut from the team roster. TK has no doubt that Razor, whom he has been mentoring, will make the c...that is until the story of Razor's fake identity hits the sports pages. Hawks GM Hank Griffin immediately goes on the offensive, scheduling a press conference during which a nervous Damon will have to own up to his mistake. On top of that, he has to perform well at the preseason game to secure his spot. The pressure is on, but can the rookie handle it?

With the future of his personal draft pick on the line, Matt's on edge. Making matters worse is Dani's hunch that TK is abusing drugs. When Dani sees the video that Nico digs up of TK inappropriately propositioning Noelle the reporter, she doesn't read it as proof that he lied. She thinks he honestly doesn't remember hitting on Noelle, and memory lapses, sleepiness, chronic lateness, and the need to wear sunglasses inside all point to someone who is abusing pain meds. However, Matt can't take action on a hunch. He can, however, order a drug test-not just for TK, which will raise a red flag with Hank-but also for the whole team.

But when TK's test comes back clean, Matt is reluctant to pursue the matter given everything else that's going on. Dani knows she's right, but how is she going to get proof before it's too late?