A Load of Bull
S2 episode 8 Aired on August 1, 2012

Post-breakup, Dani and Matt are determined to put on a good face at work because they're "adult professionals," as Dani tells Jeanette. But the former couple soon realizes that being cool with each other at the office is easier said than done. Matt's angrier than he's willing to admit and Dani gets jealous when Matt is assigned to "handle" Noelle Sarris, a beautiful but aggressive reporter who's doing a training camp story on the Hawks.

Dani's isn't the only broken heart in the Santino household: Ray Jay is so miserable after Olivia unexpectedly dumps him that he gets himself punched in the face by a college guy Olivia is hanging out with. Though Jeanette admits she's no professional, she thinks Ray Jay would benefit from Dani commiserating with him. However, Dani doesn't think that's appropriate parental behavior. Plus she doesn't want to broadcast to the kids that her relationship with Matt is over. As amped up on hormones as Jeannette is, she is worried that Dani isn't facing her own sadness.

TK, who can never stay out of trouble for very long, squares off with Noelle, who will do just about anything for an exclusive one-on-one with TK about his shooting, including outing Damon Razor's real identity and thus ruining the rookie's future in pro football before it even began. When TK refuses to give her what she wants and instead propositions her inappropriately, she threatens to slap a sexual harassment case on him, putting not only TK, but also the entire team, in jeopardy at a very vulnerable time. Instead of the Coach, Nico, Matt, and Dani figuring out how to avert the impending disaster, it's TK who steps up with the last-minute save.