Spell It Out
S2 episode 7 Aired on July 25, 2012

It doesn't take much for Dani to cajole Jeanette into admitting that Matt is about to propose. When Jeanette has a prenatal scare that turns out to be nothing and Dani sees how emotional Matt gets upon seeing Jeanette's first ultrasound, Dani wonders if Matt's decision that he's okay not having his own kids is as true as he hopes it is. But if she points out this fact to him, it could very well mean the end of their amazing relationship...

TK is subpoenaed by the DA to appear in court to testify against his shooter, who is trying to make a case for self-defense. TK's impulse is to blow it off, but Matt, Nico, Dani and Devin, the Hawks' attorney, convince him that his star power could help make sure the shooter gets convicted-as long as he maintains his calm. TK may be able to keep his angry impulses at bay on the stand, but he hasn’t let anyone see how reliant he has become on his pain meds to manage his PTSD.

Nico may have met his match in Vera Dade-an investigator sent by the League to investigate the Hawks' financials in the wake of the Pittman scandal. But Nico can tell this woman is interested in more than the books. Even though he hasn't quite figured out her endgame, he can't help being drawn to her and given the overtures she has made, he senses the same is true for her. It could be a dangerous cat and mouse game-exactly the kind Nico likes best.