What's Eating You?
S2 episode 6 Aired on July 18, 2012

Dani is finding it surreal enough that Lindsay has started to see her own therapist, especially one as accomplished, if not more so, as Dani. But when Dr. Crosetti seems to be employing methods that Dani doesn't agree with, Dani wonders if maybe the process she so deeply believes in is going to make the rift between her and her daughter even bigger.

Thank goodness that Dani's bestie, Jeannette, is back in town for six weeks and staying with Dani after being away for so long with her lover in Barcelona. Jeannette has been having a great time in Spain, but now Augusto wants Jeannette to make him her third husband. Besides the fact that she doesn't think being married is her strong suit, she's not sure she wants to make a life in Spain when Long Island is her home. But when something unexpected happens, she realizes she might not have the luxury of choice. 

TK gets himself into trouble with Coach Purnell, who's taking a lot of heat from the league, when he won't stop hazing the rookie, Damon Razor, especially after Razor starts retaliating. But TK isn't the Coach's only problem: his linebacker, Rhino, came back from the break extremely overweight with ballooning health problems and diminished skills as a result. It's up to Dani to figure out why Rhino, who has been sticking to a healthy diet, keeps gaining weight. Dani suspects there could be much more than cookies hiding in his closet.