Mr. Irrelevant
S2 episode 5 Aired on July 11, 2012

While Dani treats an illusionist who, all of a sudden, is feeling claustrophobic during his rehearsals for his biggest—and nationally televised—stunt to date, she also tries to pull off the magic trick of telling Lindsay and Ray Jay about her relationship with Matt and then integrating him into her home life. Unfortunately, Dani is so caught up in her own anxiety about coming clean to her kids she doesn't see that Lindsay is having some major stress of her own. 

Hank Hooper, an old pal of Coach Purnell's, comes on as the new interim GM to help the Hawks during the draft while the "Pittman situation" works itself out. Hooper makes Matt the interim Assistant GM—the very promotion he's been waiting for. When Hooper convinces Matt to give him his own draft picks, which aren't exactly the same as Coach Purnell's, things become tricky for Matt, who is now technically the Coach's boss. Matt may have been ready for the promotion, but is he prepared for the politics that clearly come with it?

TK is irritated by his lack of "cred" on Twitter so he hires a celebrity Tweet Master to help him fight back against his detractors, including "The Minefield." But the new GM doesn't like TK's new Twitter activity and enlists Nico to shut him down. Instead of sugarcoating the message, Nico tells it to TK straight: the new "sheriff" in town is not nice and Nico can't protect TK the way he used to with Pittman. And with Matt now promoted to middle management, TK knows he has lost another key supporter, making him feel more vulnerable than ever.