Wide Deceiver
S2 episode 3 Aired on June 20, 2012

Having ditched the Hawks after receiving his roster bonus, TK is hiding out in his old Newark 'hood with Zetty, aka the woman who has been supplying him with illegal firearms. Despite the pressure to get TK back on the field, Dr. Dani believes the right approach is to give TK his space. And while Zetty may be softening to TK's advances, she can see through his desire to return to simpler times, which she knows all too well no longer exist.

During the annual Scouting Combine, Dani helps Matt evaluate a rookie wide receiver, Damon Razor, a seventh round draft pick in whom Matt sees a lot more potential than he's displaying at his tryouts. If Matt can find a diamond in the rough, then he can get on Pittman's radar on the personnel side of things. Since Pittman trades the team's first two picks for four lower round picks and "cash considerations," there's more pressure than ever to make a great find...and secure a possible replacement for TK if he doesn't return. But could Damon's "imposter syndrome" run deeper than any of them could've imagined?

Pittman assigns Nico with the nasty task of smoking out possible enemies within the ranks through wiretapping to make sure his soon-to-be ex-wife's lawyers don't have more fodder for the divorce proceedings. But Nico just may have found a way to avoid doing Pittman's dirty (and illegal) work and turn the tables on his boss.