To Swerve and Protect
S2 episode 2 Aired on June 13, 2012

It's a Nico-Pittman showdown as the two men square off over expensive Scotch. Pittman is still angry about Nico's affair with his wife, but he needs Nico to help him protect the Hawks—no matter what it takes. Nico has known Pittman long enough to sense that Pittman may say that he's doing one thing when he's really planning to do something completely different, but Nico's back is up against the wall. He can't let the team implode.

On the home front, Dani and Ray Jay are negotiating terms of their own...that is, where and when he can have some private time with his new girlfriend, Olivia. Meanwhile, Dr. Dani is treating a new patient: the captain of a women's roller derby team, DisGrace Kelly, who collapses on the track after smelling a strange odor that no one else smelled, seriously jeopardizing the safety, and perhaps lives, of her teammates. It's up to Dani to find out what in Grace's past is coming up for her now—and why.

Paralyzed and paranoid after his disastrous appearance at the Hawks Fan Convention, TK has become a shut-in. But with the deadline for his very lucrative roster bonus looming, Dani and Matt have to find a way to coax TK out of his apartment. Nico, however, has a less delicate but possibly more immediately effective plan. He assigns two very imposing bodyguards to TK's round-the-clock protection detail, taking the matter out of TK's hands and those of his shady friends who have been supplying him with illegal firearms. Out of excuses, TK reluctantly returns to practice, but will the pressure that Pittman is putting on him to perform to his pre-shooting level be the real breaking point for TK?