There's The Door
S2 episode 16 Aired on February 20, 2013

It's up to Dani to break the news to Matt, Nico and Coach that there's a gay player on the team who wants to officially come out of the closet. After voicing their concerns about the precarious state of the team, they agree to support and assist Rex with the help of a crisis management expert. Before the scheduled interview, Dani counsels Rex to find an ally on the team to help him through the impending media circus so Rex invites TK out for dinner to give him the head's up. While TK completely understands and respects Rex's struggle, he's pissed that Rex has the nerve to ask this favor of him when Rex treated TK so badly after he got out of rehab. Can Dani convince TK to see the bigger picture and help Rex?

Ever since admitting to Matt that Dani wants to be in a relationship with him for the long run, things have been strained between them especially when he tells her that he's involved with someone else. As things play out with Rex's announcement, Matt and Noelle's budding relationship is put to the test. Matt isn't sure Noelle can stop digging for information and respect their "firewall," while Noelle suspects that Matt hasn't gotten over Dani. Matt may be leaning towards reuniting with Dani when he once again sees how much she cares about the team, but Noelle has a secret that could decide his fate for him.

Once the business of the stadium is settled with Mark Cuban, Juliette plans to take off for Paris for six months. She wants Ray Jay to come with her-as more than just her personal assistant-even though it means him not finishing high school and putting off college. Dani is completely against it but Ray Jay insists that it isn't up to her now that he's eighteen. Dani has no choice but to tell him that if he walks out that door he's on his own. Her heart breaks as he does just that.

Ray Jay isn't the only one leaving. When Nico sees that Dani and Matt are rekindling their relationship, he decides to take up Mark Cuban on his offer to go work for him in Dallas. The last and only thing worth staying for is gone. And now so is he.