The Fall Guy
S2 episode 14 Aired on February 6, 2013

The Hawks are on a winning streak but Coach is the one who's on the defensive with the sports reporters. During a press conference, they question whether he has lost control of the team given all the penalties his players have suddenly started racking up, which makes Coach explode. His wife isn't too happy with him lately either, but Coach won't even tell Dani what's really going on with him. It isn't helping that his contract is due for renewal and there has been no sign of good faith from Juliette Pittman. It's up to Nico and Matt to dig into the accusation but they don't like what they find.

The team winning games is great, but TK hasn't been the one leading his team to victory. TK blames Rex the quarterback, who hasn't been throwing him the ball. He attempts to bond with his QB on a hunting trip, but that plan goes off the rails when TK's gun accidentally goes off and grazes Rex's ankle. Rex eventually blurts out that the problem isn't his personal feelings toward TK; it's the fact that TK has lost his touch since the shooting and everything that came after it. Deep down, TK knows he's right. If TK doesn't have football, what does he have?

Dani's up to her ears with her own family bonding, with her mother Angela's birthday looming and her younger sister, Ronnie, making a surprise visit for the occasion. After a little too much togetherness living under Dani's roof, the three of them blow up the powder keg when old family secrets and resentments are revealed, but through the crazy, there may be hope for new understanding between the three women.