Hits and Myths
S2 episode 13 Aired on January 30, 2013

Dani is now officially "defrosted" but she still can't get Nico out of her head, especially in her sexy, cinematic dreams at night. Is her problem as simple as wanting what she can't have or is there a deeper belief she has that she's not willing to admit?

As Dr. Gunner probes her psyche, Dani tries to navigate the tension growing at work between her, Matt and Nico. Juliette Pittman's hands-on approach to team ownership isn't helping to put anyone at ease, except for maybe TK, who has figured out a way to turn Juliette into an ally while not following her down the rabbit hole of unhealthy (drinking) habits. Dani is none too pleased that Juliette, like her father who couldn't stay out of Dani's personal business, has co-opted Ray Jay's community service and put him to work at the Hawks Cares. Good cause, but bad idea for the highly impressionable Ray Jay to be working that closely with Juliette. Despite Juliette's increasingly unacceptable management skills and outrageous ideas, Nico continues to defend her actions and asks Matt for compassion, understanding and patience considering all she has gone through recently. But when Juliette goes too far both personally and professionally, Nico finally comes around to Matt's side: she's got to go.