Frozen Fish Sticks
S2 episode 12 Aired on January 23, 2013

Dani is suddenly frozen-just like Mr. Fishy in the freezer. With TK in rehab (for real this time), Ray Jay arrested for transporting marijuana, Marshall Pittman dead, Matt in bed with another woman, and Dani and Nico sharing a surprise kiss, no wonder Dani can't bury the family's deceased fish. She also can't decide how to rearrange her office, when to restart seeing patients or what to say to Nico. The one decision she manages to make is to seek professional help. The good news is that her old professor, Dr. Gunner, agrees to take her on as a patient, but he's not going to let Dani off the hook. He knows that she knows that she's not ready to face whatever is holding her back.

In TK's absence, Joe "Toes" Kittridge has been leading the Hawks to victory. When TK gets sprung after a successful stay at rehab, Coach and Matt are reluctant to put TK back into the game so fast. That news doesn't go down well with a newly fragile and still volatile TK, especially with Toes getting a little too comfortable with his newfound stardom. However, TK is not about to go down without a fight.

As one last curveball for the Hawks, Pittman leaves the team to his troubled daughter Juliette, who couldn't be less happy about it. She wants to sell the team as quickly as possible, but Hank, Nico and the Coach want to be able to control the sale to make sure they find the right owner. Whereas everyone else sees Juliette as a nuisance, Nico sees a young woman on the brink of something bad, especially now that her father is dead. Can Nico balance his concern for the girl and being able to do what's best for the team?