Shrink or Swim
S2 episode 1 Aired on June 6, 2012

After TK is shot by an angry fan of the opposing team in the nightclub, it's touch and go as the surgeons work furiously to remove the two bullets from TK's chest and thigh. They briefly lose him but manage to bring him back to life and successfully complete his surgery. However, it's going to be a long road to recovery for the Hawks' star wide receiver... 

Six weeks later, Dr. Dani and Matt are enjoying the honeymoon phase of their still covert relationship. If only football season weren't about to start again, they could stay in their blissful bubble. Before the workday even begins, Dani and Matt have to jump right back into crisis management mode. The Pittmans, co-owners of the Hawks, have not only filed for divorce but also there are rumors swirling that Marshall Pittman is having major financial difficulties that could jeopardize the future of the team. On top of that, TK has been MIA after returning from Florida where he has supposedly been doing his physical rehabilitation. If TK doesn't show up for the first day of practice, Coach Purnell is threatening to replace him, so it's up to Dani and Matt to track him down.

Adding insult to the back-to-reality injury, Dani finds out that she and her ex-husband are being audited by the IRS because they possibly owe several thousand dollars in back taxes. As aggravating as this new development is, Dani is seriously concerned that TK hasn't dealt with the trauma of his shooting. Dani is not fooled by his laid-back attitude and personal reinvention as "KT"—King Terrence—for one second. Too bad TK's agent doesn't agree and fights to let Terrence make an appearance at the Hawks Fan Convention...something that Dani thinks could be the biggest mistake of TK's life.