Forget Me Not
S1 episode 9 Aired on August 24, 2011

After she begins blanking out in the middle of bouts, Tallis "The Malice" Lang, a champion lightweight boxer, reluctantly pays a visit to Dr. Dani. Though doctors say there are no signs of brain injury causing the memory problems, if Dani can't find a way to help the young fighter keep her focus in the ring, there could be soon.

As things heat up with J.D., Dani faces her own fight: struggling to keep the burgeoning romance from Lindsay and Ray Jay. But as Dani quickly discovers, secrets can't stay secrets forever – especially with curious kids in the house. It's a lesson that Dani soon realizes also applies to her young patient, whose troubling dreams and mid-bout blackouts appear to have something to do with a painful secret Tallis' mother has been keeping from her daughter. 

As Matt mulls a promising job offer in San Francisco, he's troubled to learn that Laura has an unspoken agenda of her own. And TK's professional relationship with life coach Laz also hits the skids when a trip to Miami offers a glimpse of the dark truth behind Laz's life coaching services. Turns out, some secrets are better off out in the open...