Losing Your Swing
S1 episode 8 Aired on August 17, 2011

Dani's client Cash Carson, a rising star on the pro golf circuit, has lost his swing. Inexplicable muscle tremors are throwing off his game, and when doctors diagnose the problem as psychological, he turns to Dani for help curing "the yips" and getting out of the rough.

While Dani works on getting to the bottom of her new client's problems, an old client moves on: now that he and Dr. Dani have parted ways, TK has taken up with a very confident – and very expensive – new life coach, Lazarus "Laz" Rollins. Though Dani has her reservations about TK's new therapist, and Nico and Matt worry that Lazarus's unconventional methods could prove to be a cancer to the team, the relationship between TK and Laz seems to be growing ever stronger.

And after running into J.D., a former grad school professor, Dani makes some relationship progress of her own. Thanks to urging from Jeannette, who's got big news to spring on her best friend, Dani finally ditches her wedding bands and dips a toe back into the dating scene. Looks like Cash isn't the only one who's getting his game back...