Whose Team Are You On?
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 10, 2011

While the Hawks players seem to be getting along better than usual, the Hawks WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) are waging war. Trouble with the WAGS means trouble for the team, so after two of the wives face off in a public confrontation, Dani is quickly called in to help Shannon and Leanne work through their differences. While at first the former friends won't open up to Dani, when Shannon gets busted for shoplifting she turns to Dani for help. Now, Dani must help Shannon get to the bottom of her issues, ease the tension among the WAGS, and find a way to get the Hawks back on track.

While Dani takes the diplomatic route with the women, she doles out the tough love elsewhere. When Nico comes to Dani for advice, she sees a new side to her enigmatic employer, and counsels him to stop enabling his troubled young friend, who happens to be the daughter of Hawks owner Marshall Pittman. And when under the influence of painkillers after a football injury, Ray Jay reveals the truth about his friendship with TK, Dani realizes that it's time to lay down the law about professional boundaries. As difficult as it is, Dani knows she has to stand her ground with TK — even if it means risking losing her star patient.