Poker Face
S1 episode 5 Aired on July 27, 2011

Dani's poker skills are put to the test when she takes on a new client: Jason Coogan, a pro poker player in the midst of a serious losing streak, who has come to Dani hoping to figure out the tell that keeps losing him tournaments. Dani can see that there's more to Jason's story than what he's told her, but with all his bluffs, getting to the truth about this card shark's issues won't be easy.

Meanwhile, TK, the Hawks' own wild card, is once again making headlines. In an effort to shift media attention to more a more positive subject, team publicist Laura Radcliffe quickly sets up Bobby Caldwell, the Hawks' squeaky-clean journeyman quarterback, as the new face of the team. And just as quickly, she manages to rub Dani the wrong way. Which begs the question: is it publicists Dani hates, or beautiful publicists who happen to have a past with Matt? 

As the truth about both Jason and Bobby begins to emerge, Dani must figure out a way to help everyone play the hand they've been dealt. And, unfortunately, Dani is forced to recognize that when it comes to a future with Matt, it's Laura who might hold the winning cards.