Habit Forming
S1 episode 4 Aired on July 20, 2011

Dani's latest client, Randall Boozler, is the Hawks' rookie defensive end, a fan favorite who's been playing great. That is, on the days he manages to show up on time. When Dani is called in to get to the bottom of Randall's punctuality problem, she learns that there's more to his issues than a faulty alarm clock. But if Booz, as he's known, won't let Dani in, how will she be able to figure out what makes him tick?

Meanwhile, Nico discovers that personal info about the mental states of the Hawks players is going public, and Dani can't help but wonder if her mom, an inveterate gambler, might be the source of the leak.

At least TK seems to be staying out of trouble — relatively speaking. Even though he's trying to maintain professional boundaries with Dr. Dani, TK can't help but bend the rules to help out his buddy Ray Jay. And as it turns out, TK's not the only one breaking Dani's rules: when a night out with Matt ends in a little romantic backsliding for the therapist and the handsome trainer, Dani gets a firsthand reminder that some habits are very hard to break.