Spinning Out
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 13, 2011

When life moves fast, it's easy to spin out of control — or so Dani realizes when she takes on a new client, a rising star on the racing circuit. After spinning out during a race, Billy "the Kid" is afraid to get back on the track, and it's up to Dani to convince him to face his fears.

Meanwhile, Dani is also faced with another difficult client: TK, who is once again causing trouble for the Hawks. Though the team is finally on an upswing, TK's rivalry with the Hawks' number two receiver is threatening their winning streak. As Dani gets to the root of TK's destructive behavior, she makes a discovery that could help TK and Billy.

Unfortunately, Dani's own problems — namely, her teenagers — haven't disappeared. With a custody battle underway and a court appointed observer snooping on Dani, this is no time for late night police visits. Hopefully Dani will be able to keep her kids, and her clients, in check — otherwise, they all risk spinning out.