Anchor Management
S1 episode 2 Aired on July 6, 2011

Respected war correspondent-turned-anchor Griffin Page is cracking up — literally. After Griffin begins laughing uncontrollably during a serious live interview, he comes to Dani looking for help. Though he believes his new job is the root of his problems and plans to go back into the field, Dani isn't so quick to accept that diagnosis.

And as if Griffin's problems aren't enough, Dani's got her hands full elsewhere, with an injured TK who is once again causing a stir. This time, however, his behavior might end his relationship with the Hawks for good — unless Dani can find a way to keep everyone satisfied.

Meanwhile, the battle for supremacy continues between Dani and Lindsay, who is dying to go out on a date with the second-cutest boy in school. When Dani finds out Lindsay has tricked her, Dani is furious. Though she's not one to give up, Dani also realizes that sometimes the key to peace is knowing when to fight and when to give in — just a little.