Goal Line
S1 episode 12 Aired on September 14, 2011

It's the game the Hawks have been working towards all season, and everyone's got playoff fever-especially TK, whose symptoms include epic freak-outs. For some reason, usually tough TK, is spooked big time by Maurice "The Minefield" Manningfield, a take-no-prisoners cornerback from Chicago with a flair for trash talk. And with TK's panic attacks threatening to ruin the Hawks' chances (not to mention his relationship with Vivica) Dani's got to figure out a way to get inside his head-and get the Minefield out of it-before the big game.

As it turns out, TK's not the only one struggling with doubt. With Dani's divorce final and J.D. gone, the obstacles between Dani and Matt seem to be rapidly disappearing. But will Dani be able to overcome her own reservations and finally give a relationship with the handsome trainer a shot?

Meanwhile, Dani is approached by a most unlikely new patient-Nico. Though he's tight-lipped as usual, Dani can tell Nico is really struggling with his Pittman predicament: with the divorce moving forward, Marshall Pittman is looking to Nico for the dirt on his soon-to-be-ex Gabrielle. Only problem is, Nico is the dirt. Now the question is, will he come clean to his longtime boss, or side with his secret paramour? And, most importantly, where will all the Pittman divorce drama leave the Hawks?