Baggage Claim
S1 episode 11 Aired on September 7, 2011

Domestic diva Anne Marie Harmon looks like the picture of perfection, capable of everything from decoupage to running a multi-million dollar media empire. But after an uncharacteristic outburst of rage, Anne Marie is forced into therapy, and it doesn't take Dani long to realize that behind the façade of Anne Marie's happy homemaker image and lucrative empire is a woman with a shocking secret.

While Dani attempts to help Anne Marie confront her emotional baggage, she also works on shedding her own by organizing a garage sale. TK is trying to move forward too, but is bewildered to find that his efforts to seduce reporter Vivica are falling flat. As he is beginning to learn, nothing complicates a relationship quite like feelings. 

Even more surprising than TK's romantic revelation is one from the Hawks' most enigmatic team member, Nico, whose past has come back to haunt him – in the form of a sultry blonde who happens to be the wife of his boss, Marshall Pittman. And her surprising news could mean an uncertain future not just for Nico, but for everybody at the Hawks.