Season 6 episodes

S6 EP10
Road Kill
After a petty officer dies in a car crash, the team suspects foul play when their investigation leads them into the violent world of underground street fighting.
S6 EP9
The team must rely on information from some questionable individuals to stop a criminal bent on stealing government secrets.
S6 EP8
A shocking revelation comes to light after the team is forced into playing a dangerous war game.
S6 EP7
Collateral Damage
Gibbs second-guesses his own judgment when Vance assigns him a rookie to aid his team's investigation into a deadly bank robbery.
S6 EP6
Murder 2.0
During the week of Halloween, a murderous psychopath taunts the team by using the Internet to leave clues to the next victim's identity.
S6 EP5
Nine Lives
The hunt for a marine's murderer puts Gibbs on a collision course with an old friend, FBI Agent Fornell.
S6 EP4
After two Marines are ambushed, the NCIS team finds the investigation leads back to Gibbs' hometown, where secrets about his past are revealed.
S6 EP3
Capitol Offense
The NCIS team becomes entangled in the world of Washington politics when a distinguished Senator turns to Gibbs for help in solving the murder of a young, female Naval officer.
S6 EP2
Agent Afloat
While stationed on an aircraft carrier, DiNozzo finds that a Navy Lieutenant's apparent suicide may be connected to a larger, deadly scheme.
S6 EP1
Last Man Standing
The murder of a Naval Petty Officer leads Gibbs to uncover a shocking connection between the case and Director Vance's decision to disband his team.