S1 episode 23 Aired on May 25, 2004

Still obsessed with the Hamas operative who held Ducky (DAVID McCALLUM) and Kate (SASHA ALEXANDER) hostage – and shot Ducky’s assistant Gerald – Gibbs (MARK HARMON) is dogged by nightmares about the man. Gibbs now even foresees that the man will kill Kate. Gibbs continues to have Agent McGee use his innovative computer skills so that they can at least identify the captor. Fortunately, McGee succeeds remarkably in inventing a program that can pinpoint the assailant’s age so that they can more easily identify him. As Gibbs continues to probe Kate and Ducky about details from the months-ago incident, they all worry that their boss seems to be on the brink of a breakdown... but Gibbs is simply convinced that his target is still dangerous and very nearby.

Later that same day, Tony (MICHAEL WEATHERLY), Kate and Ducky have lunch together at an outdoor cafe. Tony leaves the others, spotting a beautiful Swedish woman – named Marta -- sprinting down the street. That morning, he had run into while jogging, and desperately wants a date. While Tony attempts to make a date with Marta, Kate heads back to the office for a conference call. Quite unexpectedly, she sees a handsome man on a Ducati who – when he lifts his helmet – she disgustedly realizes is her one-time captor. Desperate to capture him, she commandeers a mini-Cooper in traffic, sliding into the car’s passenger seat. However, she has unwittingly gotten into the car with her target’s accomplices and they subsequently kidnap her, following their leader to a remote farm.

There, Kate realizes their plan. With a meeting upcoming between President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon, this Hamas operation intends to shoot down Marine One – with both those leaders aboard. If Kate doesn’t cooperate, she learns that Marta – whom Tony has quickly fallen in love with – will kill him on their date tonight. After Kate learns her captor’s name is Ari, he asks her to call Gibbs and feign illness. However, even after getting Kate’s call, Gibbs is certain that his nemesis has kidnapped her once again. Luckily, Gibbs’ repeated questioning of his colleagues has prompted Ducky to realize that Ari must have gone to medical school. With that notion, McGee narrows down the search for his name and is able to identify their culprit as Ari Haswari, who is of both Jewish and Arab ancestry.

Meanwhile, Kate enters into another series of chilling mind games with Ari, who asks that – with her past Secret Service experience – he divulge how to differentiate Marine One from the decoys that travel with it. In front of Marta, Kate refuses and an altercation ensues as Ari unexpectedly shoots Marta in the head. He then tells a confused Kate to call the Secret Service so that he can reveal the plans that his colleagues have underway.

Later, the FBI does succeed in thwarting Ari’s colleagues’ plans and are taken into custody. However, Ari is set free. The FBI then asks Gibbs to forget about Ari or risk blowing his cover. Gibbs disgustedly learns Ari’s latest ploy has him actually infiltrating Al Qaeda. Though the government agencies are at odds over Ari’s methods, they realize that he resorts to his tactics to make his undercover maneuvers that much more believable. Still, Gibbs wants a meeting with him, which he knows Ari will agree to. The two meet at the NCIS morgue – the location where Gibbs’ employees suffered the most. There, Gibbs – still sickened by Ari’s callous actions -- confronts him. And while he knows he can’t kill Ari, Gibbs still decides to exact vengeance... by shooting him in the very same place Ari shot Gerald.