Left For Dead
S1 episode 10 Aired on January 6, 2003

A woman (guest star SHERILYN FENN) emerges from a shallow grave buried alive and – as an amnesiac – has no recollection of who she is or how she got there, only that a bomb on a Navy ship is about to detonate. Gibbs (MARK HARMON), Tony (MICHAEL WEATHERLY) and Ducky (DAVID McCALLUM) head to the “gravesite” in Rock Creek Park, while Kate interviews the completely terrified “Jane Doe” at the hospital. Gibbs’ investigation turns up an electronic key that, upon Abby’s (PAULEY PERRETTE) closer inspection, reveals a microscopic laser itching. Tying that in with upscale residence hotels in the area leads them to a room where a Walter Richter lies dead. His head has apparently been hit with a small bust of John F. Kennedy that, containing the man’s blood, was placed on a nearby table.

When Gibbs checks in with Kate (SASHA ALEXANDER), he finds that she has taken up Jane Doe’s cause, scared for the woman, and compassionately trying to help her remember her identity, and gather any clues. From the woman’s confiscated clothing, Abby finds ingredients consistent with sophisticated bomb making. The woman, who now fears that she may be a terrorist, is desperate to remember her past and help avoid a catastrophe aboard a ship. Through Kate’s prodding, she does remember that she had a confrontation with a bald man, who turns out to be Richter. When they visit his corpse, Jane Doe secretly remembers killing the man, bashing his head with the Kennedy bust but – when asked by Kate – she says she has no memories of the man.

Gibbs and Tony learn that Richter is head of security for BFF, a German firm specializing in equipment that detects bombs -- particularly aboard Naval ships. Paying a visit to the company’s CEO, Stephan Brauer, Gibbs questions him about Richter and colleagues at BFF, finally revealing the identity of Jane Doe. She is actually Suzanne McNeil, a scientist there whose job was to devise bombs that would avoid detection so that BFF could make their detection equipment that much better. They even have a replica of a Navy ship’s passageway at BFF headquarters to conduct their rigorous tests. The agents are relieved to realize that this scenario would provoke Suzanne’s disturbing assertion that a Navy ship was about to explode.

However, Brauer’s reaction to Suzanne being alive but having amnesia raises Gibbs’ suspicions. He begins to piece together that Suzanne and the married Brauer were having an affair, using the hotel apartment that was in Richter’s name.

Suzanne – who still claims to have no recollection of who she is – urges Kate to take her to BFF. She feels that being there will help her prompt memories. When they arrive, Gibbs and Tony are confronting Brauer about the possibility of an affair with Suzanne, which he vehemently denies. Suzanne asks to speak with Stephen alone – separately from the agents. As she does, she stuns Brauer by – having now actually completely regained her memory -- recounting how he sent Richter to break up with her, which caused her to become furious and kill him in rage. When Brauer saw her out-of- control, he shook her, knocking her into a table which caused her to blackout. Taking her for dead, he buried her. Now furious -- but still feigning amnesia in the agents’ view – Suzanne blackmails Brauer into giving her anything she wants. Looking at the pair converse, Kate then begins to realize that Suzanne casually mentioned details about Richter’s death she could never have known. Just as Kate tells Gibbs and Tony her realization, Brauer is telling Suzanne he will leave his wife, which Suzanne knows will never happen. In revenge, she produces a small, sophisticated bomb from her pocket that will detonate upon a mere drop. To Brauer’s horror, Suzanne begins to do just that while Kate shouts to warn the others. The agents barely make it to safety as the bomb explodes, killing the adulterous pair.