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Posted on 10/25/2017

As any Mr. Robot fan knows, things just haven’t been the same since the Five/Nine Hack.

Posted on 09/22/2016
Featured From The Verge
Mr. Robot is a show built on hacks. The mother of all hacks serves as the big cliffhanger at the end of the show's first season, and nearly every plot development leading up to it was nudged along by some kind of exploit. It’s rare to get through an episode without at least one digital intrusion, often drawn from real life. Each week, we'll be running throughMr. Robot's C Y B E R activities — who got hacked, why, and how much magic would be required to make them actually work.
Posted on 05/13/2016

The official trailer for season_2.0 of Mr. Robot is here. Watch it now.