Hello, Friend. It’s been awhile. Hit refresh on the first three seasons before the fourth and final season premieres on USA this fall.

Warning: The following contains multiple spoilers.

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Elliot in subway station

Elliot Meets Mr. Robot

Elliot first encounters Mr. Robot and then Darlene. Elliot visits the fsociety arcade and hears about Mr. Robot’s plan to take down E Corp: to blow up a natural gas plant near Steel Mountain, an impenetrable data storage facility. Elliot, however, refuses to get involved.

03-26-15 – 03-28-15
Romero shows fsociety team the schematic of Steel Mountain

Elliot Helps fsociety

Elliot agrees to work with fsociety but revises Mr. Robot's plan so that no one has to get hurt. However, fsociety will still need the help of the Dark Army to pull it off.

Fsociety leaks incriminating emails by E Corp execs covering up the Washington Township toxic waste leak in 1993 that killed Elliot’s father and his childhood best friend Angela’s mother.

Steel Mountain sign

Fsociety Infiltrates Steel Mountain

Elliot gains access to Steel Mountain, the ultra-secure facility where E Corp's data backups are stored. A chance encounter with Tyrell gives Elliot the opportunity to plant a raspberry pi in Steel Mountain's climate control system.

03-27-15 – 04-01-15
Elliot standing near car trunk. “You’re playing a game you already lost.”

Vera Murders Shayla

To protect his girlfriend Shayla, Elliot anonymously tips off the cops to Fernando Vera’s illegal activities, which gets the dangerous drug dealer arrested.

Vera, now in jail, figures out Elliot’s treachery and orchestrates the abduction of Shayla. To save her, Elliot and Darlene hack the prison’s system to free Vera but Vera breaks his promise, has Shayla killed and disappears.

Elliot with whiterose for first time

Elliot Meets whiterose

Thanks to Dark Army liaison and Darlene’s ex, Cisco, Elliot meets whiterose for the first time. She threatens to walk away from the Steel Mountain plan unless Elliot is able to remove the honeypot from Allsafe’s servers.

Tyrell and Mr. Robot in SUV

Tyrell Meets with Mr. Robot

A desperate Tyrell pleads with Mr. Robot to let him in on the plan to take down E Corp. After Mr. Robot rebuffs him, Tyrell threatens to reveal his involvement in framing Colby. Mr. Robot shrugs him off.

Mr. Robot leaning against Edward Alderson's tombstone

Family Ties Revealed

Elliot finally realizes that Darlene is his sister and that Mr. Robot is his father…even though his father died more than 20 years ago.

Elliot wearing Mr. Robot mask. “How do I take off a mask when it stops being a mask? When it’s as much a part of me as I am?”

Elliot Is Mr. Robot

Elliot realizes that he is the man behind the fsociety mask. He is Mr. Robot.

Tyrell & Elliot in arcade

Night of the Five/Nine Hack

Fired from E Corp, Tyrell forces Elliot to take him to the arcade. Tyrell knows that Elliot has been the one behind fsociety. Once there, Elliot blacks out and Mr. Robot takes over. With Tyrell's help, the honeypot is removed from the infected server, enabling Mr. Robot and Tyrell to execute the hack.

As the encryption file runs, Mr. Robot tries to shoot Tyrell but the gun jams. Mr. Robot and Tyrell make a pact to protect the plan at all costs.

Dark Army fixer and used car salesman, Irving, shows up to manage the post-hack fallout. Irving gives Mr. Robot instructions on what to do next and takes Tyrell into hiding at a secluded, Dark Army-owned farmhouse.

With all of E Corp's data and financial records encrypted, everyone's debt is effectively wiped clean.

Close up of \

End of the World Party

Darlene and fsociety hold a party in the arcade to celebrate the hack and cover their tracks. But the fsociety team is pissed that Elliot moved forward without them and then disappeared.

Zhang and Price sitting near fireplace

Price & Zhang in Cahoots

E Corp CEO Phillip Price and China's Minister of State Security, Zhi Zhang (better known to us as whiterose) secretly meet to discuss the Washington Township plant, revealing that they are working together.


05-12-15 – 05-13-15
Elliot in orange prison jumpsuit

Elliot Goes to Prison

Elliot is arrested for breaking into his therapist Krista’s boyfriend’s computer and stealing his dog, Flipper.

Elliot pleads guilty thinking he’ll do less harm in jail. He concocts an elaborate alternate reality to cope with his hellish incarceration.

Darlene at computer

Darlene Takes Over fsociety

Determined to keep the revolution on track despite internal dissent, Darlene assumes leadership of fsociety, ensconcing them in a townhouse owned by E Corp General Counsel Susan Jacobs.

06-16-15 – 06-22-15
Dom outside of arcade

Romero Is Found Dead

Mobley discovers Romero's body in the basement of his mother’s house.

During the investigation, Dom finds a flyer for the End of the World party, which leads her to the abandoned arcade.

Dom and Zhang in his study

Bloodbath in Beijing

Dom and her boss Santiago travel to China to tour hacked backup sites for clues. They meet with Zhi Zhang, the Minister of State Security, who is none other than whiterose. The trip ends in an FBI bloodbath in the hotel lobby courtesy of the Dark Army, which Dom narrowly survives and Santiago conveniently misses.

07-03-15 – 07-04-15
Angela in office

Fsociety Hacks the FBI

Elliot wants to hack the FBI to protect Darlene and fsociety but they need Angela’s help to get inside E Corp. They pull off the hack and expose the FBI for illegally wiretapping 3 million citizens.

Darlene crouching next to Susan in pool room

Susan Jacobs Dies

Acting on an old resentment of E Corp’s General Counsel Susan Jacobs, Darlene uses a stun gun on her, killing her. Darlene denies knowing about Susan’s pacemaker, despite her having thrust the stun gun directly at Susan’s heart.

Elliot outside the prison

Elliot Released from Prison

After only 86 days, Elliot is let out of prison thanks to the Five/Nine hack and the early release of non-violent offenders.

Darlene in front of white board

Dark Army Kills Cisco

While in a diner with Darlene, Cisco gets mowed down by the Dark Army just as Dom has found them. Dom convinces Darlene to play ball by showing her the FBI evidence board—and that Elliot and Tyrell have been running fsociety together.

Tyrell, pointing a gun, and Mr. Robot

Tyrell and Elliot Reunited

Having spent the past three months in an isolated farmhouse to work on Stage 2, Tyrell comes out of hiding now that Elliot has been released from prison. Once E Corp ships all their paper records to the New York facility, they can enact Stage 2 and destroy the building and the records with it, making Five/Nine permanent. When Elliot tries to shut it down, Tyrell shoots him.

Angela and whiterose

Whiterose Recruits Angela

Angela gets recruited by whiterose, who convinces Angela that there is a way to reunite her with her deceased mother.


08-14-15 - 09-16-15
Elliot in front of slide/screen in conference room

Elliot Tries Stopping Stage 2

Recovering from his gunshot wound, Elliot closes the backdoor to E Corp's servers, shutting down Stage 2. Elliot tells Irving that Stage 2 is finished. But Mr. Robot and Tyrell, with Irving and Angela's help, are secretly continuing their work on the project.

Sensing whiterose won't give up, Elliot asks Angela to get him a job at E Corp, where he can defend E Corp by re-routing the paper documents, delaying their arrival to the New York storage facility.

Zhang and Price at bar. “If you pull the right strings, a puppet will dance any way you desire.”

Whiterose Gets Upper Hand

Whiterose wants the UN to annex the Congo and Price wants China to sign the Five/Nine Economic Accord to make Ecoin the world’s primary currency. Whiterose wins the showdown by revealing that she has Angela, Price’s pet protégé, under her thumb.

Elliot and Angela in office

Stage 2 Devastates

On Monday 9/29, Angela, naively doing whiterose’s bidding, initiates Stage 2. A last-minute change of heart prompts Mr. Robot to help Elliot stop the New York facility from being blown up. They immediately learn that Stage 2 is much more devastating than they originally thought: 71 buildings across the country have been destroyed—killing thousands of people. Angela is sent reeling, while Tyrell uses the confusion to clear his name.

09-29-15 – 10-21-15
Trenton and Mobley in their rented house

RIP Trenton & Mobley

Leon tracks down Trenton and Mobley to where they are hiding out in Arizona. The Dark Army sets them up as the fall guys for the Cyber Bombings.

After their deaths at the hands of the Dark Army, Elliot receives instructions from Trenton and Mobley for reversing the Five/Nine Hack.

Mr. Robot and Tyrell

Tyrell and Mr. Robot Make Amends

Price makes Tyrell the CTO of E Corp, which is now a meaningless position. Mr. Robot convinces Tyrell to accept the position so they can work together to take E Corp down from the inside.

Elliot looking at message on mirror

Elliot Turns the Tables

After learning that Santiago is a mole for the Dark Army and has been foiling the FBI at every turn, Elliot wins an audience with whiterose to urge her to let him execute Stage 3—which is a ruse to hack and track the Dark Army.

Dom, handcuffed with axe in foreground

Dom Becomes a Dark Army Operative

Santiago kidnaps Darlene and Dom, while Irving intercepts Elliot. Everyone arrives at the farmhouse. While Leon keeps an eye on the Alderson sibs, Irving hacks up Santiago with an axe then blackmails Dom to take his place as the Dark Army’s FBI operative.

Grant pointing gun at his head

Whiterose Chooses Elliot

Knowing that whiterose is watching a video feed from the farmhouse, Elliot tells whiterose’s assistant, Grant, that he has a plan to get her Washington Township project safely moved to the Congo. Switching her allegiance from Grant to Elliot, whiterose orders Grant to off himself.

Angela and Price

Price is Angela’s Bio-Dad

Phillip Price admits to Angela that he’s her biological father. Whiterose manipulated Angela as punishment for Price not falling in line.

Edward and Elliot as “Back to the Future” characters. “That’s the thing about deletion. It’s not always permanent.”

Elliot Reverses Five/Nine

After reconciling with Mr. Robot, Elliot reverses the Five/Nine hack with the keys that Elliot realized he had all along—hidden in the data of a family photo.

Vera outside of Elliot’s apartment

Vera Is Back

Vera returns and confronts Darlene just as she arrives at Elliot’s apartment.