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Posted on 09/25/2019

A new installment of the Mr. Robot soundtrack was released this month! Titled "Volume 6," the album was composed by Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated composer Mac Quayle.

Posted on 09/11/2016

Composer Mac Quayle won the Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score) for the episode “eps1.0_ hellofriend. mov.” Read more!

Posted on 08/12/2016

We can now add the Aldersons to a long list of late-'80s/early'90s TV families that includes the Winslows, the Tanners, the other Tanners, and, yes, even cousins Larry and Balki. No matter what insanity comes their way, these families know how to stick together -- just see their theme song!

Posted on 08/03/2016

Mac Quayle's Emmy-nominated soundtrack for season_1.0 of Mr. Robot is now available as a Spotify playlist. Listen now!

Posted on 06/02/2016

Lauded for "adding an air of cold, chilling mystery and tension to the twisting narrative," the Mr. Robot score is more than merely background music -- and the themes within the music will only continue to develop in season two. USA Network chatted with composer Mac Quayle about his background in electronic music and the process of scoring for the award-winning series. Here's what we learned about the soundtrack, which is out today.

Posted on 05/03/2016

Season two of Mr. Robot is coming, and -- if the first season was any indication -- it should have some of the coolest music on TV. While we wait, here are the songs from season one to put on your next party/hacking playlist.

Posted on 08/26/2015

In the much anticipated Season 1 finale, Elliot finds himself in a world half celebrating its newfound freedom from debt in the streets and half managing the fallout of the hack in crumbling corporations – all as a direct result of the fsociety plan that Elliot has no recollection of executing. A poignant soundtrack surrounds the chaos, confusion, and carnage that swirls around Elliot and the revolution he started.

Posted on 08/24/2015

Listen to our Mr. Robot Spotify Playlist

Posted on 08/12/2015

Elliot finds himself face-to-face with the elusive whiterose and is faced with a new challenge to remove Gideon's honeypot server within fifty hours or he loses the support of the Dark Army, and Tyrell also finds himself against the clock when police arrive at Evil Corp to investigate the murder of Sharon Knowles. Even the underlying music seems drives the episode forward, punctuating perfectly everyone’s race against time.

Posted on 08/06/2015

Tormented by the loss of Shayla and disassociated from both fsociety and Krista, Elliot is desperate to find a way out of his loneliness. Meanwhile, blinded by ambition, Tyrell pursues a greedy seduction with Scott Knowles’ wife Sharon, which ultimately leads to Sharon’s murder at Tyrell’s hands. Emotions run high in this installment of Mr. Robot, augmented by a poignant soundtrack that amplifies each electrifying moment.