S4 episode 9

409 Conflict

Aired on December 1, 2019

In “409 Conflict,” Mr. Robot fills in for Elliot to keep the hack on track with Darlene while Price and whiterose spar in the ring one last time.

Family Meeting

Mr. Robot meets Magda and Young Elliot in the same conference room from episode 402 (where Magda and Young Elliot talked about “the other one”) to discuss Elliot and whether or not they should tell him “everything” now. Mr. Robot argues for waiting until the hack is done to “show him what he did.” If that doesn’t work, Darlene may be able to help them get through to “him”—since he “woke up for her” when she spoke to “him” two months ago.


Given that Elliot is still “mired in conflict,” Mr. Robot joins Darlene in the hotel room across the street from where the Deus Group is scheduled to meet to keep the plan moving forward. Price unexpectedly shows up with a favor: he (probably not realizing he’s talking to Mr. Robot) wants Elliot  to destroy whiterose’s “machine” after the hack is done. Price hands him a USB drive with everything Elliot needs to know about her project. After Price leaves, he watches the front steps of the hotel where the meeting is supposed to take place from the window. Oddly, Price is the only one who enters the building—none of the other members have arrived. Is whiterose onto their plan? 

Table for Two

When Price enters the meeting location, whiterose, presenting as Minister Zhang, is seated at a table in an empty ballroom with a few masked Dark Army ops stationed nearby. Whiterose would’ve allowed Phillip to finish out his life in retirement, but now she’s angry that he didn’t leave well enough alone. She demands to know Elliot’s plan. For that information she will kill him painlessly instead of making him die a painful death. Price says that he can’t believe whiterose cancelled the meeting at the last minute for a “half-cocked conspiracy theory.” But the meeting is still taking place, just at another location, whiterose tells him. And she’s fine with being late because Tyrell Wellick can hold them over until she arrives. Phillip is like, hate to rain on your parade, but Wellick isn’t showing up. 

WWED (What Would Elliot Do)?

Mr. Robot tries to channel what Elliot would do once he saw that the Deus Group members were not showing up. If whiterose thought something was up, she would’ve told the other members, including the guy she was having the meeting for. So Mr. Robot and Darlene use Tyrell’s credentials to log into his calendar and voila, the location of the meeting has been changed to Cipriani Downtown. But clearly Price wasn’t told, which must mean that whiterose is across the street and not yet at the meeting. They settle on a new plan: Darlene will go downtown to capture the Deus Group’s phone numbers and Mr. Robot will stay behind to capture whiterose’s. 

“I’m done.”

Wang Shu lets whiterose know that they’ve been searching the tri-state area for Wellick but there’s been no sign of him. Price says he has no idea whether Wellick is alive or dead. Whiterose calls off the search. Wang Shu urges whiterose to get down to the meeting to warn the Deus Group before the situation goes from bad to worse. In her opinion, today Elliot has beaten whiterose. They should just find another way to move their project. But whiterose refuses to “listen to reason,” so Wang Shu quits.

Fsociety Rides Again

Downtown, Darlene can’t get a clear line of sight into the party because of all the barricades and security guards. She then sees a billboard for “Shift+Control,” a TV show that seems to be inspired by fsociety and gets an idea. Meanwhile, Mr. Robot calls Price’s phone and whiterose answers. Whiterose asks Mr. Robot to get together to talk in person but Mr. Robot’s says nah, I’m good. Whiterose tries making a deal: if Mr. Robot stops doing what he’s doing, she will share very valuable information about Angela. Whiterose claims that despite the evidence to the contrary, Angela is still alive and whiterose can take him to her. Moved by the idea of Angela being alive and the prospect of “resetting” to live in a world he deserves, Elliot appears on the other end of the call. For a moment it seems like he’s being drawn in, until he realizes that this is exactly how whiterose trapped Angela and used her. Elliot sees a message from Darlene to turn on the TV immediately so Elliot hangs up on whiterose. The news is broadcasting a new video message from fsociety (Darlene in the mask) exposing the members of the Deus Group, their heinous actions and their location. Afterwards, Darlene explains to Elliot that her video was the only way she could smoke out the members so she could capture their cell numbers. Though Elliot spoke directly to whiterose, he did so on Price’s phone, which means he still needs to get access to the nearby cell towers to get whiterose’s number.

Whiterose Loses Her Cool

Whiterose is unable calm the members who have called her. She asks Price if outing the Deus Group is his “big move.” But Price is as in the dark about fsociety doxxing the Deus Group as whiterose is. She orders for her car to be brought around front—she doesn’t care if the area outside hasn’t been secured yet. Price’s apparent amusement at her expense is just making “Old Sport” angrier.

99 Out of 100

Having been alerted to the fsociety video, the Deus Group members call for their cars and start heading for the door. But between Darlene jamming the signal so that the barricade to the parking garage can’t be lowered and several outraged members of the public showing up to cut off the Deus Group’s access to the street, they are stuck outside, giving Darlene the perfect opportunity to grab their numbers. She quickly gets 99 out of 100 numbers matched to Cyprus National Bank accounts. Everyone except whiterose. But it takes Elliot a bit longer to get access to the cell tower and then when he does, to send Darlene the file to have her scan all the numbers to find the one that matches a bank account. Once she does, she starts activating all the bank transfers.

Your Current Balance is…Zero Dollars

Flanked by Dark Army ops, Whiterose and Price leave the hotel where they had their private meeting. Then whiterose’s cell phone blows up with several “Account Overdrawn” notifications from CNB. Whiterose is like what the hell is this and Price responds, “If it’s what I think it is, we’re all broke.” Whiterose seems incredulous. “Where’s my [bleeping] money?” “Gone,” Price says. “I warned you a long time ago that I rather see you lose than win myself. Your dream of another world is as good as dead.”

Rome Falls

Just as Mr. Robot and Elliot are leaving the hotel across the street, they see whiterose pull a gun out of an op’s holster and shoot Phillip. While the ops hustle whiterose into a car, she catches a glimpse of Elliot walking down the street, hoodie up. Mr. Robot narrates, “And like that, Rome falls. No more Deus Group. No more top one percent of the top one percent. No more controlling every piece of our lives. No more playing God without permission. We took them down. All of them.” 

Not Quite the Celebration She Planned….

It’s midnight, Christmas 2015 is over. The FBI arrives at Zhang’s residence with a warrant. As whiterose finishes applying her makeup in her bedroom, she looks at herself in the mirror and folds her hands. She is dressed in her mother’s gown. We hear the FBI agents break down the front door to her house, followed by sounds of shouting, things being smashed and gunfire as the credits begin to roll.