S4 episode 8

408 Request Timeout

Aired on November 24, 2019

In “Request Timeout,” Elliot is shattered in the aftermath of learning the painful truth about his past, while Dom and Darlene are pushed to their limits by Janice and her taxidermy tools…until Dom turns the tables.

Catch Me If You Can

Flashback to 1995: Young Elliot and Young Angela are playing hide-and-seek in the Queens Museum, Elliot’s favorite place to escape the traumas at home. Young Elliot sneaks back into the bowels of the building to the storage area—where the remains of Electro the Smoking Robot from the 1939 World’s Fair is kept—and hides something deep in a crevice in the brick wall. He explains to an unseen presence that this is something he has to do because it’s going to help “them.” 

Dazed But No Longer Confused

Standing over Vera’s dead body, Krista tells Elliot that they need to go to the police before Peanuts and Javi come back. But Elliot seems to be in shock from the revelation that his father sexually abused him. Instead of responding to Krista, he stares at Young Eliot in the corner. Krista manages to get him down the fire escape and into a taxi before Peanuts and Javi re-enter the apartment. In the cab, an E Corp holiday greeting video featuring Tyrell plays on the screen. When they arrive at the station, Elliot says that he can’t go inside. He wishes he could go back to forgetting but Krista says that he never really forgot; it was just buried in the back of his mind. She offers to help him through this but Elliot apologizes for involving her in any of this. Just then, he sees Young Elliot across the street and follows him into the subway. 

Christmas Hostage Crisis Continues

At the DiPierro home, a group of masked gunmen break down the door and bind the hands of Trudie and the entire family at gunpoint.

Slicing Through the Stalemate

Janice now has Dom and Darlene with their hands and feet bound sitting in front of her in Angela’s apartment while two Dark Army ops hover in the shadows. Darlene’s phone has in fact been wiped but Darlene refuses to restore it to give up Elliot’s location. To break the stalemate, Janice exploits the unacknowledged bond between Dom and Darlene by taking out one of her taxidermy knives and stabbing Dom in the chest, puncturing a lung. Dom becomes a new ticking clock: Darlene has about fifteen minutes to decide whether or not she will give Janice what she wants in exchange for getting Dom medical attention before it’s too late. Dom whispers to Darlene not to do what Janice asks, which Janice overhears. To up the stakes, she starts making a call to her surveillance team guarding Dom’s family’s house to give them the go-ahead to start killing off family members. Darlene finally relents and Janice backs down.

The Key to Everything

Elliot follows Young Elliot to the Queens Museum. By the panorama exhibit of New York City, Elliot breaks down, apologizing to his younger self for not doing more to stop their father from hurting them. Young Elliot leads Elliot to his hiding place in the storage room, but Young Elliot struggles to remove what’s inside. Elliot reaches in and pulls out a coin pouch that contains a skeleton key with an E as the bit, which Elliot recognizes as the key to his childhood bedroom (and that he dreamed about in episode 104). Young Elliot explains that it was their father’s key so they took it from him and hid it in the museum. If their father didn’t have the key, then maybe he couldn’t hurt them anymore. Young Elliot tells him, “You weren’t running away from him,” which makes Elliot realize that he did fight back.

“Holy Show”

A Dark Army op reports back to Janice that he has found Elliot’s phone at Krista’s house, but not Elliot. Janice is not amused and thinks that Darlene must have another way of finding Elliot. To put her hunch to the test, Janice dials her guys guarding the DiPierro household but no one picks up. She tries again; same thing. Dom asks if her men are answering, which makes Janice suspicious. Dom recommends that Janice direct her questions to “him,” who has probably been trying to reach Dom. Janice returns one of fourteen missed calls on Dom’s phone from “Lucky Irish Bastard,” who turns out to be Deegan. Janice learns that Dom hired Deegan to kill the Dark Army ops guarding Trudie’s house and then kidnap her entire family to take them to a safe house.

After Deegan hangs up on Janice, Dom pulls the knife out of her chest, cuts the Achilles tendon of the Dark Army op nearest to her in order to fell him, grabs his gun, and shoots Janice and her guys one after the other, killing them all. Dom calls the FBI to send help and urges Darlene to leave so she can find Elliot and take down the Dark Army once and for all.

A Heart-to-Heart with Mr. Robot

Elliot’s trying to complete the hack at Allsafe when Mr. Robot appears. Elliot gives him the rundown on how the rest of the hack will go down, but Mr. Robot wants to talk about what just happened and to know why Elliot let him back in. Mr. Robot is remorseful for so many things, including for not doing a better job of protecting him and not having told Elliot sooner. “I understand if you can’t forgive me or need to shut me out for good just as long as you know that I am not your father. I never was.” Elliot says that’s why he created him, because he was the father he needed, not the father he had. Elliot knows that this painful experience has shaped Elliot into the person he now is and if it hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have Mr. Robot. But now he doesn’t think he can go through with the hack. Mr. Robot holds Elliot by the shoulders as he begins to weep. “I can’t do it,” Elliot says over and over again.