S4 episode 7

407 Proxy Authentication Required

Aired on November 17, 2019

This continuous special episode takes place over the course of five acts in only one setting -- Krista’s home-slash-office -- where one of Elliot’s most painful repressed memories from childhood is dragged to the surface, examined and ultimately cracked wide open.

Act One

After being dragged out of the car trunk by Peanuts and Javi, Elliot sits bound and gagged in the same chair where Krista was in the last episode. When they remove his gag, Elliot demands to know why he’s there. Vera does meth as he excitedly launches into a story about his recent revelations down in the “DR,” where a shaman helped him discover his true calling, a.k.a. to be King of New York, which can only come to fruition with Elliot’s help. Mr. Robot paces, muttering to Elliot that they need to figure out how to escape. Elliot is adamant about not leaving until he knows Krista is safe and if so, freed. Elliot tells Vera he isn’t just going to sign on as his partner because Vera had some “master vision” about it. He first needs to see with his own eyes that Krista is alive. Vera finally agrees but says then he wants his own “special introduction.”  

Act Two

Vera takes Elliot in to see Krista, who is still tied up on the other side of the wall in her office. In exchange, Vera wants to meet Mr. Robot. Elliot resists but Vera’s threat to allow Javi to do not nice things to Krista forces Elliot and Mr. Robot into complying. Mr. Robot comes out hot, repelling Vera’s efforts to get inside their head. Mr. Robot points out that Vera should be the one interviewing to be Elliot and Mr. Robot’s partner, not the other way around. “I’m not someone you push around with a gun…I am the gun,” Mr. Robot tells him. After Vera explains his various ambitions, Robot handily shoots them all down. But what he does offer Vera is an boatload of money, which they can supply after their hack that night. That still isn’t enough to convince him to free Krista, the only thing Vera has over Elliot’s head at this point, by Elliot’s own admission. Damn. Elliot takes back control over the conversation with Vera, telling him that he can show him the whole plan if they bring him his laptop in his backpack.

Act Three

While Vera, Peanuts and Javi giggle like little kids over all the zeroes on the laptop screen, Elliot reaches into his backpack for the gun he retrieved from the Dark Army op (in 405) and pulls it on them. He gets up the nerve to shoot and…click, click, click. Javi has removed the bullets. First amused and then pissed, Vera sees that he has to go next level. He reloads the gun and places it to Krista’s head. Growing desperate, Elliot says he’ll not only give Vera all the money they steal but will also be his partner after the heist. But that’s not enough to restore Vera’s trust. He demands to know why he shouldn’t just kill Krista. Elliot screams, “Because I need her! She helps me.” Vera’s like, oh, I get it now: she’s your shaman. He realizes he has been going about this the wrong way. Mr. Robot isn’t the one with the answer….

Act Four

Vera forces Krista and Elliot into an impromptu therapy session at gunpoint. Not ideal circumstances to say the least. Krista is terrified and resistant, but after Vera shoots the floor by her chair and they have a superficial conversation about the recent death of Elliot’s mother, they get down to business. Vera hits a nerve when he reveals that Krista said that Elliot has a secret and the only way to unlock it is to find out why Mr. Robot exists. He starts reading from Elliot’s file. Mr. Robot is getting antsy and nervous. They need to get out of there because Krista sold them out. But Elliot now wants to hear what’s in the file. What does Krista know that Elliot doesn’t? It all comes back to the window incident when he was a kid. Krista presses on the memory and why he doesn’t remember much about it, only what Darlene told him:

He and Darlene were building a snowman. Afterwards they went up to his room to get a camera. They couldn’t find it. But Darlene told him they heard their dad coming and Elliot told her to hide in the closet. His dad walked in and Elliot grabbed his baseball bat and started smashing everything in the room and then he jumped out the window.

Krista suggests that Elliot doesn’t remember that event himself because Mr. Robot was protecting him from something. What was Elliot afraid of? Elliot can’t remember but Vera answers for him: “His father.” Mr. Robot is now losing it, begging Krista to stop before she hurts Elliot irreparably. “He’s not supposed to know!” At first Elliot is like no way, my dad was my friend, my only friend. Robot gives up, saying he can’t protect Elliot anymore if he continues down this path. Eventually Krista leads Elliot to uncover that he swung the bat and then jumped out of the window to protect himself from his father…because his father had sexually molested him. Woah. WOAH. Elliot’s crying, Krista’s crying and even Vera is crying.

Act Five

After the revelation, Elliot understandably freaks out, screaming at the raging storm outside. How can he go on with this knowledge? Why did his father do this to him? Vera tries to comfort him. He knows Elliot’s pain: his mother used to pass him around to her friends while she would go out to get high. Vera claims that this isn’t a death. Elliot has been reborn! “Once you’ve weathered a storm like yours, you become the storm!” Vera cries as lightning flashes and thunder rattles the window behind him. “And it’s the rest of the world that needs to run for cover.” Elliot struggles to believe him, because he has every reason to remain suspicious that Vera will use this knowledge to bend Elliot to his own delusional will. Tired and sad, Elliot says he just doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Vera responds, “You’re not alone. I see you now.” Suddenly Vera starts wheezing. When he stands up, we see that there’s a knife in his back—the same one his brother supposedly used “on” Shayla—and Krista standing behind him, covered in blood. He collapses to the floor. The lights on the “stage” go out one by one, blanketing the scene in darkness as Vera breathes his last breaths.