S4 episode 4

404 Not Found

Aired on October 27, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

404 Not Found” finds Elliot, Mr. Robot and Tyrell getting lost in the woods as they try to outrun the Dark Army, Darlene going in search of her brother, and Dom still working through the horrors of having lost control of her life. 

Dark Army, White Van

Picking up where “Forbidden” left off, Tyrell is in Elliot’s apartment, but we’re now hearing their conversation from inside the van. As the Dark Army operative listens in, the conversation quickly changes to a benign topic and then becomes distorted by static. When the operative opens the van doors to fix the antenna, Tyrell knocks him out with a hammer, ostensibly killing him. Tyrell tells Elliot to wipe the logs and make sure they weren’t sent to the Dark Army. They then drive the van upstate to the boonies so they can torch it and the body. They stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. But when they come outside after paying for gas in the store, the van is GONE. Guess the Dark Army op wasn’t dead after all….

Elliot Goes MIA for the Billionth Time

Darlene leaves Elliot a long message letting him know that she has gotten into Olivia’s CNB account but Olivia isn’t authorized to transfer anything. Plus all of the authentication for the bank goes through a proxy, which means they’re going to have to break into Virtual Realty and get onto their servers. Since the Deus Group meeting is tomorrow, she’s scouting it out now. As she talks, she gets increasingly angry that he hasn’t been answering her calls and didn’t meet her at Allsafe as they planned. She goes to his apartment and sees the note Elliot had written to Tyrell (“they’re listening”) and her internal alarm bell goes off. She immediately starts tracking his location and sees that he’s upstate.

“Realize You Will Never Be Free”

Dom is home alone on Christmas Eve, unable to sleep. She tries to, shall we say, comfort herself by watching Darlene’s interrogation video. Unsatisfied, she turns to a sex chat room and starts up a conversation with a former male chat partner, who suggests they meet up IRL. When Dom declines by explaining she’s exclusively into women, “Henry” reveals that he is really a she. Dom invites her over. The two kiss. Dom excuses herself to the bathroom, which is filled with tons of red candles and red rose petals floating in a full bathtub. Her date appears in the doorway in a Dark Army mask and proceeds to drown Dom in the tub, urging her to stop fighting and give up control to make it easier on herself. Then Dom wakes up with a start in her bed. The whole thing was just a bad dream. But not, since her life has become a living nightmare.

Into the Woods

Because the internet in the gas station mart is down, their phones have no signal, and the cashier has recognized Tyrell, Elliot, Mr. Robot and Tyrell head off down the supposed shortcut towards the nearest town but promptly get lost in the dark, snow-covered woods. Soon they’re hearing eerie sounds and bickering with each other. Tyrell loses hope with every step, convinced that they’re not going to get out of this situation alive and losing heart because he believes that Elliot never truly cared about him. They eventually make it out to the road but are still far from town. Tyrell wants to stop but Elliot explains that even if they’re dead meat, they have to keep going so he can try to warn his sister. It’s the least he can do after being such a “horrible brother” (his words) to her.

Fake Santa

Darlene tries to steal a car but gets caught by its owner, Tobias, who’s blotto and wearing a Santa suit. She convinces him to let her drive him home, which happens to be in the direction she believes Elliot has gone, in exchange for him letting her borrow his car for a “quick errand.” As they drive, Elliot’s location doesn’t update (because he has no signal in the woods). When Darlene and Tobias pull into his driveway, he realizes that his car is sitting right there, which means they’re actually in a stolen car. Oh well! Following Fake Santa’s advice to worry about herself, not just her brother, she starts driving back towards New York City, only to pull over and slam the steering wheel in frustration, torn between saving Elliot or herself.

Oh, Deer

Elliot, Mr. Robot and Tyrell come upon a dead deer in the road. They turn the corner and see the white van crashed up ahead. They slowly approach the van from either side. The Dark Army operative shoots at Elliot, but he ducks just in time. After firing more rounds, the operative shoots himself in the head. In the melee, Tyrell has been shot in the abdomen. Mr. Robot says they have to get him to a hospital, but Tyrell says that if they do that, the Dark Army will find them. Tyrell says he’s done and that Elliot should burn the van and all the evidence. Before he walks off, his parting words are, “Make sure you take care of whiterose.” As Tyrell stumbles back through the woods, the weird sound comes up again. He finally spots its source, something that seems to be emanating a blue light, and heads towards it, getting up close enough to see what it is (though we don’t) before the scene appropriately fades to white.