S4 episode 10

410 Gone

Aired on December 8, 2019

In "410 Gone,” Christmas 2015 has finally come and gone for Elliot, Darlene and Dom. But two charismatic characters unexpectedly -- or perhaps not so unexpectedly -- return.

Holiday Hangover

The morning after Christmas Day, Dom sits in her hospital bed recovering from surgery and watching the news about the fallout from fsociety doxxing the Deus Group. The FBI Assistant Director in Charge tells her what’s going to happen now that she has told them everything. She has been put on administrative leave for six months while they check out the details of her account and until OPR has cleared her, she can’t see her family. A photo of whiterose as Minister Zhang appears on the news, now believed by the authorities to be the Dark Army mastermind. That prompts Dom to realize that when Minister Zhang showed Dom his closet full of dresses when she was in Beijing, he was trying to tell her who he really was. Even though Dom can’t see her family or know where they are, she gets herself released from the hospital despite medical advice to the contrary so she can just go the hell home.

Grilled Cheese & Faith Hill

The first two things Dom does when she gets home is to move her bureau in front of the door and take a painkiller. The next thing is to make a grilled cheese sandwich while Alexa shuffles Faith Hill songs. Darlene shows up and wants Dom to start packing her bags to hightail it out of Dodge with her and Elliot. They’ve got new identities, safe transport and plane tickets. But Dom refuses. She has family and responsibilities. Darlene is worried that if Dom stays, the Dark Army will kill another person she cares about. Dom replies that the FBI has her back. But Darlene points out that they have her under investigation—not the same thing. Darlene finally gets Dom to “snap out of it” by smashing her Alexa device—which, newsflash, isn’t a person—on the floor.

One Last Thing on the To-Do List

The cab drops off Dom and Darlene at the motel where Elliot has been looking over the documents Price gave him on the drive the night before. Darlene immediately knows that Elliot is staying behind. He explains that he needs to go to Washington Township but she can’t come. She’s like no problem; this was her last shootout at the O.K. Corral. She hands him her phone and asks if he wants to do the “honors.” All the money has been passed through multiple crypto tumblers and shell accounts. Now that it’s completely untraceable, it’s ready to go out. But he says that since this is her win, she should do it. They hug goodbye. 

Your Driver’s Name Is….

Dom is shocked when she enters to motel room and finds Leon sitting there rolling a joint. He doesn’t seem to remember her until she jogs his memory of the horrible day they met in the barn. Dom is freaking until Leon puts her mind at ease: he’s no longer Dark Army. He’s a free agent helping out his boy Elliot and his sis. Darlene comes in and apologizes for her whoopsie of not giving Dom the head’s up that Leon is working with them now. Soon they’re in Leon’s Lincoln taking the way back roads to Logan Airport in Boston. Can’t be too careful in Connecticut—there’s a lot of Dark Army around because of the RWA’s—Rich White A-holes—he warns. Dom looks at her new passport. Say hello to Jackie Doublehorn, a Hall & Oates-loving pastry chef from Illinois, everybody!

Everyone’s a Winner

On a bench outside at a busy park where they’ve made a pit stop, Darlene decides it’s the perfect opportunity to complete the last step of their heist. Darlene starts running the Python scrip and within seconds, the transfers are complete and all wallets have been updated. She and Dom watch as the phones of everyone milling around the park start pinging with alerts. People are elated by what they see on their screens. Dom wants to know what the hell Darlene just did. Well, all the money that whiterose and her cronies were stealing for decades has just been evenly dispersed into everyone’s Ecoin wallets. Given E Corp’s insistence that Ecoin stay separate from the U.S. dollar, it’s impossible for them to reverse the transaction. Even Dom has gotten a fresh infusion to her bank account. Dom is appalled. This is stealing! There are laws! This isn’t justice! Darlene argues that the people in power wrote the laws to benefit themselves and banked on everyone trusting the system. She and Elliot and even Dom stopped them and now they have this moment—the greatest redistribution of wealth in history! In her opinion, this is justice. “We just Robin-Hooded those evil mother-effers” she says before throwing her hands in the air and woo-hooing.

“Until the next episode….”

Leon dutifully drops Darlene and “Jackie” at the airport in Boston. He tells Darlene that if she’s ever looking to get into some stuff when she gets back, “adventures or whatnot,” he’s got some stuff for her. With her skills, she could be a boss. She says she’ll think about it.

“Spoiler Alert!”

Inside the airport, Dom wanders into a newsstand and sees a display of hardcover books called, “Beach Towel,” written by…Irving! And then Irving appears in the flesh. Dom is frozen in place by the second encounter in a day with yet another former Dark Army op who has haunted her every waking moment for the past few months. Acting like they’re long lost friends, Irving autographs a copy of his book for her. She begs him not to hurt them. Hurt them? Darlene did a bad thing, he says, but word around camp is that the Dark Army doesn’t care about them or Dom’s family anymore. “They’ve picked up and skedaddled off to something more important.” When she asks where, he says he can’t tell her. If they wanted to get to Darlene and Dom, he’d know about it. Dom says, “But I saw you butcher Santiago with an axe when he got out of line!” He says, “Yeah, that was fun.” Take care! Buy the book!

So Long, Farewell

Darlene can hardly believe her ears when Dom tells her who she just ran into. Dom is relieved because now they don’t have to run. For Darlene, it starts to seem less about running and more about going—with Dom—to Budapest, which Darlene chose in homage to Cisco. Dom says she can’t do it, even if they go somewhere else. Darlene can’t do it alone, she gets these panic attacks…but Dom is resolute. Darlene says, “No wonder you can’t sleep. You hold onto a lot and tight. If you leave this airport you’re going to go back to the grind like everyone else. I’m talking about giving yourself a break.” They embrace and cry. Dom gives Darlene the number of a friend at US Cyber Command for when she’s “ready to grow up.” They part. But just as Darlene is about to board the plane, she feels a panic attack coming on. She runs down the hall into the bathroom where she leans on the counter while she hyperventilates. A woman asks her if she’s okay. After holding her own gaze in the mirror and taking several deep breaths, Darlene manages to move herself back away from the ledge. “I got this. I can take care of myself.” 

Ready for Takeoff

Meanwhile, Dom has had a change of heart, and run-limps back to the gate and boards the plane in the nick of time. But the seat beside her is empty. She has one last chance to get up and disembark before takeoff but she sits back down and fastens her seatbelt. Wheels up and Dom’s finally fast asleep for the first time in weeks.