S3 episode 6


Aired on November 15, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

The day ain’t over yet, friends. As Elliot frantically tries to stop Stage 2, Tyrell realizes the Dark Army’s true intentions for him, Dom disobeys orders to follow her (correct) gut instincts, and Minister Zhang serenely sips champagne as if this particular Monday is going to end like any other day. Let’s recap where the chips, and other things, have fallen. 

“Will You Believe With Me?”

In a poignant flashback, we see young Angela during a subdued house party, which we learn is a farewell party for her terminally ill mother. Angela’s mother has decided not to go forward with any more treatment, despite Antara, the lawyer Angela hired to re-try the Washington Township case, telling Mrs. Moss that an anonymous benefactor has offered to pay for the next round. Mr. Alderson, Elliot’s dad, encourages Angela to go speak to her mom. Her mother consoles her daughter by telling her that she believes that there’s another world out there for both of them…

With Friends Like These…

Picking up where we left off on that chaotic Monday, when Elliot confronts Angela outside of her office during the riot, he gets no satisfaction. She seems to feel bad but, hey, this is what he wanted. whiterose said this will save the world and change everything for the better. Wait, she met whiterose? WTF! Doesn’t she realize that whiterose is a terrorist? Angela reassures Elliot that everyone will be fine, including his father and her mother. How’s that now? She doesn’t explain and won’t give up Tyrell’s location, but when he sees the Red Wheelbarrow BBQ takeout bag, he puts two and two together because Elliot is smart like that. 

Location, Location, Location

While Darlene is getting another earful from Dom and her partner at the safe house for going rogue, she gets a call from Elliot. He texted her Tyrell’s address, so she needs to get the FBI there ASAP to stop him. But guess who throws shade on that idea? Double-Agent Santiago. He tells Dom to stand down until they get visual confirmation. After Dom and her partner leave his office, Santiago texts Irving that the location has been burned and they need to “take care” of Wellick. 

“Drink and Be Merry”

Minister Zhang and Phillip Price clink glasses to their mutual win: the UN vote to annex the Congo to China has passed. Champers all around! However, Price expects China to sign the economic accord so Price has enough dough to fix his wounded E Corp. Zhang smugly assures him it will be done by the end the day. After Price excuses himself, Zhang gets a call from his assistant telling him Wellick’s location has been compromised. Zhang tells him to stay the course. 

Change of Plans

As Dark Army operatives remove the equipment from Confictura, Tyrell asks Irving why they’re not staying to monitor the fallout. And by the way, what time’s his flight? Is the wife and kid meeting him at the airport or…? Irving apologetically informs him that it’s not going to work out the way they discussed. He hands Tyrell instructions and leaves. After reading them, Tyrell sets the piece of paper on fire as Irving instructed, then drops the burning paper into a metal wastebasket, pouring vodka over it to stoke the flames. Then he handcuffs himself to the bed.

Impatience Is a Virtue

Instead of sitting around waiting, Dom and her partner decide to go have “lunch” at Red Wheelbarrow. After scoping out the restaurant, she slips into the kitchen, where she sees a worker batting away smoke coming from behind a door. She reports the fire to the FBI Op Center and asks for Santiago to be notified that she has possibly found Tyrell. After kicking down the door, she descends the smoke-filled steps to discover the smoldering trashcan, empty handcuffs locked to a cot and a suit jacket draped over a chair, but, again, no Tyrell. She pushes open a secret door, likely Tyrell’s escape route. Moments later, Santiago and the FBI Evidence Recovery team are on site. Santiago reprimands Dom for disobeying a direct order, however she has gotten them one step closer to Wellick. While the task force canvasses the tunnels looking for Tyrell, he wants her to go back to the office.

Kill Process

After leaving E Corp uptown, Elliot hightails it downtown to the Recovery Building to log into that UPS to terminate the “unwanted process,” aka Stage 2. Just as he arrives, the Fire Department is letting the employees back in the building because they didn’t find any bombs. He swipes a security guard’s ID to gain access. But every step forward he makes overwriting the malware and revoking the stolen keys, Mr. Robot literally and figuratively sends Elliot reeling two steps backward. Elliot soon concludes that instead of fighting, it’s time to talk. At first, Mr. Robot is not open to having a rational dialogue through text dialogue boxes -- that is until Elliot tells him that the building doesn’t actually have any paper records in it. So why murder a bunch of innocent people? Bingo! Mr. Robot finally helps him unlock the door Elliot needs to get into to trip the halocarbon fire suppression system, which will make it impossible for a spark to ignite the UPS devices. Elliot has saved the day…or has he?


On the plaza outside the FBI office, while Dom sulkily waits in line for coffee, Tyrell rushes into the crowd of cops and agents, begging them to stop the attack. Dom runs over and demands to know what attack. Before he can answer, Tyrell gets handcuffed and taken away.

“Single Point of Failure”

As the employees evacuate the building, Elliot begins to wonder: the Dark Army knew that there were no paper records in the building, so what was whiterose’s real plan? Elliot soon realizes his fatal mistake: 71 Evil Corp buildings have just exploded in a coordinated nationwide attack, with the death toll expected to be well into the thousands. He was so focused on the New York facility that he couldn’t see the bigger picture. The New York building wasn’t the single point of failure, he was