S3 episode 2


Aired on October 18, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Messed up something in your life, big or small? Just hit “undo!” That’s the magical notion Elliot’s currently operating under, while Darlene attempts to undo her part in the growing crisis in a much different way, and Joanna’s scheme is undone by her forsaken lover. Let the undoing begin! 

Oh, Happy Day!

Elliot is now a proud and productive employee of Evil Corp, with a little help from his new friend Zoloft and a fresh batch of a button-down-shirt-of-the-month club. His goal is to “undo” “the fatal exception error of his ways” and fix the world he broke. While he works his way up the corporate ladder, pitching his idea for how to restore and protect Evil Corp’s backup data systems, he hacks the shipping management console to prevent all the paper records from arriving at the New York facility. For good measure, he starts cleaning house, ridding the company of lower-level wrongdoers. Just like the good old days of his vigilante hacktivism! 

But, after the initial high wears off, he admits that he hasn’t fixed everything. His loneliness is still paralyzing. In Krista’s new home office, he shares with her the story of his father pushing him out the window and breaking his arm when he was a kid. Although oddly, she claims this is the first time she’s hearing about that incident while he could’ve sworn he has told her before. Hmm.

For the Love of Tyrell

Joanna goes on the talk show circuit to corroborate the breaking news: while beating Joanna, Scott Knowles confessed to killing his own wife, which in turn cleared the still missing Tyrell of murder charges. She vows on national television that Tyrell continues to be the one and only love of her life, despite her misguidedly filing for divorce a few months ago. Bartender/boyfriend/fall guy Derek is none too happy that he was just a pawn in her wicked game. When Sutherland spots Derek tailing their car, the Wellicks’ right-hand man punches Derek in the gut and threatens his life if he retracts his statement supporting Joanna’s claim or ever comes near her again. But Derek is not so easily deterred: he approaches their SUV with a gun and shoots Sutherland – but not fatally. Just as Joanna’s reaching for Sutherland’s gun, Derek pops one square into her forehead – fatally -- as her baby screams beside her. Sutherland rallies to fire off one last shot, finishing off the foolish bartender.  

The Clock Is Ticking

It’s official: Darlene is now a CHS (“Confidential Human Source”) working for Dom and Santiago in exchange for immunity. Her one job, which apparently she hasn’t been doing so well for the last six weeks, is to get intel on Tyrell, the “most wanted man in the world,” from Elliot. Darlene claims that Elliot is not working with Tyrell, but a recording of a call from Elliot while he was in prison to Tyrell that they play for her proves the contrary. Despite Darlene’s unreliability, Dom believes Darlene’s theory that the Dark Army has taken over fsociety’s Vimeo account and are responsible for the latest video threatening another imminent attack on E Corp. So when Joanna and Derek appear at the morgue and Sutherland’s in the ICU, Santiago says that they can’t risk releasing the news of Joanna’s death because they have to find Tyrell before it’s too late. Looks like that poor baby is off to social services. 

Unhappy Birthday

Later that day, which happens to be Elliot’s birthday, Elliot agrees to meet Darlene in Coney Island even though he believes she’s a trigger in bringing out Mr. Robot. She tells him she’s leaving town first thing in the morning. Because he’s been feeling wistful for simpler times, he asks her to sleep at his place to keep him company. Before dawn, however, Mr. Robot appears, catching Darlene doing something suspicious around his computer. After he handles her roughly, she shakes him off and flees.

Everybody Else Is Doing It…

At the G20 summit, Phillip Price calls out China for being the only holdout to not sign the Five/Nine Economic Accord to make Ecoin the world’s primary currency, claiming that by doing so, they are declaring a currency war. Later, in a private meeting, Price demands that Zhang have his government sign the accord if they want the UN to vote to annex the Congo in 11 days. Zhang reminds Price that “your success will always follow mine,” so until he gets his UN vote, Price shouldn’t waste his time. When Price threatens the vote altogether, Zhang reveals his ace in the hole: his discovery of Price’s pet employee, Angela, whom he could’ve easily killed. After the meeting, Zhang tells his assistant that he wants Stage 2 implemented no matter what, as opposed to it only being done if Price doesn’t come through. That’s a pretty big hand slap. 

Scan or Scam?

At his next therapy session, Elliot asks Krista to “talk” to Mr. Robot. When Mr. Robot appears, he menacingly tells Krista she needs to back off so that he and Elliot can finish their work, not that it matters anyway since he knows that Darlene has compromised them. When Elliot returns to the surface, he starts freaking out about what Mr. Robot said about being compromised. Is Stage 2 still on even though Elliot did everything he could to stop it? He rushes home. Lenny, Krista’s ex boyfriend who had Elliot put in jail for hacking him, is at Elliot’s door with the supposedly sick Flipper, who Lenny no longer wants, so Elliot takes the dog back. Once inside, he starts running a scan on his computer. It doesn’t take long for Elliot to figure out that Darlene put surveillance on his computer. The next morning, on the security monitors of the FBI safe house, Dom and her tech guy see a figure wearing a hoodie enter the house: Elliot.