S2 episode 12


Aired on September 14, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Well, friend, we’ve reached the end… at least of the second season. We have now seen a more confident, take-charge side of Elliot; learned that Tyrell is in fact alive (and so is Darlene!), and had confirmation that Angela is not to be underestimated. Here’s where we landed: 

So Much Depends on a Red Wheelbarrow…

But what? In a flashback to last season, Tyrell is in the backseat of his SUV in Coney Island but with Elliot, not Mr. Robot. Tyrell demands to know the plan but Elliot holds out. So Tyrell threatens to expose Elliot’s “dirty little secret” but Elliot knows that doing so would hurt both of them equally. Then Tyrell tearfully quotes the famous William Carlos Williams poem his father used to recite in English and they bond over not being able to deny both the negative and positive influences of fathers. 

A Glimpse of Stage 2

Continuing where they left off at the end of the previous episode, Tyrell and Elliot enter a nondescript warehouse building. Inside, a Chinese guy in a white lab tech suit (eating takeout from Red Wheelbarrow BBQ, BTW) takes them up to the floor where Tyrell has been working on the plan that Elliot supposedly masterminded, even though he doesn’t remember doing so. E Corp is recreating their database of titles and deeds with paper documents, which are all being moved to the building across the street from over 70 facilities across the country. (How convenient! All in one place!) Once everything is there, they (Tyrell, Whiterose, the Dark Army, Mr. Robot) will hack E Corp’s system and blow the entire building to smithereens, destroying both the servers and the paper documents forever. And Elliot is the one who made it all possible. “This is for us,” Tyrell says proudly. “All of us,” Mr. Robot echoes, suddenly appearing by Elliot’s side. 

Characters Like You Are Not Welcome Here

The good news: Darlene is alive. The bad news: Cisco is not. The also-bad news: Darlene is now stuck in an FBI interrogation room with Dom and Santiago. Whenever they ask her a question, she invokes her 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination. Santiago’s presence doesn’t seem to be helping, so Dom asks for time alone with Darlene. She then trots out all the physical evidence she has: the video equipment and mask from Cisco’s apartment (but no video tape) and the shell casing found in the arcade from Xander Jones’s gun, which he told Dom that Darlene stole. But Darlene isn’t budging. Dom and Santiago confer outside the room. Dom says they’re running out of time and they have to show Darlene that they’re just as smart as she is or they’re never going to gain her trust. Dom pleads with Santiago to give her one more chance to flip her. “I know her because I am her,” Dom says. 

One Fell Swoop

Joanna shows up at Scott Knowles’ house with a sonogram photo in her hand. With that photo, she was finally able to figure out that he was the one who had been sending her gifts and calling her, not Tyrell. But what she doesn’t know is why. He explains that his marriage was rocky to say the least but the day of his promotion to CTO and the party celebrating the announcement, Sharon tested positive for being pregnant and was surprisingly happy about it, even though she never wanted kids before that. He finally had everything he wanted -- the job, his marriage, a baby on the way -- only to have it all ripped away from him in one fell swoop. He wanted to give her hope and then step on it like had happened to him. She slaps him and calls him pathetic and weak for mourning a woman who screwed her husband after finding out she was pregnant. Enraged, he wrestles her to the ground and wraps his hands around her neck, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to taunt him. (Because maybe it’s turning her on a teeny bit…?) He punches her in the face several times but then stops abruptly once he realizes what he has done. He calls 911. Afterwards, she goes to Derek’s apartment. When he sees what Scott did to her beautiful face, Derek wants revenge. She says if he’s serious about punishing Scott, then he’ll go to the police and change his story about the night of Scott’s promotion party to implicate Scott in the murder of his wife. 

The Python Approach

As a last-ditch effort to get Darlene on her side, Dom leads her to a conference room. She explains that instead of going in guns blazing, she took the Python Approach, laying in wait until the prey revealed itself. She says that Romero was actually killed by a stray bullet from the neighbor’s place, not murdered by the Dark Army (or so Dom claims), but that sent “her prey” scurrying. Then Dom shows her a huge diagram laid out on a whiteboard on the wall. There, every fsociety member, including Darlene, as well as Allsafe employees (poor Gideon), Cisco and the Dark Army are connected with intersecting lines. In the middle are the two top conduits: Elliot and Tyrell. Darlene’s response is exactly as we’d expect -- “You’ve gotta be %&*$ing kidding me” -- but to which part she’s reacting, we won't know until next season. 

Wake Up

Elliot and Mr. Robot get into it once again until he realizes that Mr. Robot is trying to distract him from what Tyrell is doing, i.e. hacking the firmware at his computer, like he and Elliot supposedly discussed. Elliot says they never talked about killing people and leveling a building. He pushes Tyrell out of the way and starts trying to delete the malware. Both Tyrell and Mr. Robot urge Elliot to stop -- Tyrell because Elliot is trying to destroy their destiny and Mr. Robot because he knows Tyrell is dangerous -- but Elliot won’t back down. With tears in his eyes, Tyrell pulls out a gun and points it at Elliot. Elliot is convinced that this is just another one of Mr. Robot’s mind tricks. He’s the only one who exists and it’s finally time to take back real control. When Tyrell fires, Elliot is shocked to see his own blood on his hands. After a trippy dream sequence with the words “Wake Up” appearing everywhere and everyone looking like Mr. Robot, Elliot collapses on the floor of the warehouse. Tyrell says when Elliot gave him the gun, he told him to use it to stop anyone who got in the way of their plan. “I didn’t know what you meant, but now it’s very clear,” Tyrell says. “You did this to yourself, Elliot. Sorry kiddo. I couldn’t let anything get in the way. Including us.” 

She’s On Her Way

Angela’s phone rings. She knows it’s Tyrell, because “they” told her he’d be calling. She asks if he’s with Elliot. He can barely answer through his tears. She tells him she’s on her way and to not let anyone near him because she should be the first person Elliot sees when he wakes up. She says Tyrell did what needed to be done. Tyrell chokes out that he loves him. “I do, too,” she replies. 

But Wait, There’s More!

Hopefully you kept watching past the credits because there’s an extra scene at the end with Trenton and Mobley! They’re alive and miserable in Phoenix, working at a crappy Micro Center. While they’re on break at a picnic table outside of the store, she insists that he look at what she found but he says that he’s taken enough risks for a lifetime and tells her to change the subject. But what if they could get the key and it’s real? she asks. They could potentially undo the whole thing and put everything back the way it was. Then someone walks up to them to ask the time. That someone is Leon.