S2 episode 11


Aired on September 14, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers  

Red or purple? Giraffe or seagull? Is the key in the room? Are Darlene and Cisco alive or dead? Is Tyrell a lucid dream or the real deal? Part one of the season_2.0 finale was full of riddles and unanswered questions so let’s get to it… 

Angela Gets Taken for a Ride

The two strangers from the subway kidnap Angela and take her to a nondescript house in the ‘burbs. There, a little girl -- who uncannily looks like Angela when she was young -- asks Angela a series of nonsensical questions as a huge fish tank drains in the background. Did you guess that since the leaking fish tank was marking how much time Angela had left to complete the odd quiz that the mastermind behind the whole charade was none other than Whiterose? Then you were correct! It was all a test for Angela to see if Whiterose could trust her with the details of her master plan. Angela has been like a bad penny turning up again and again to complicate Whiterose’s dreams of we’re-not-yet-sure-what but Angela surprisingly passed all of Whiterose’s tests. So instead of having her snuffed out, Whiterose enlists the ever-impressionable Angela to help keep her mission on track. So what’s the first thing Angela does as a now true believer? Cut off all ties with Antara, of course. Can’t have those pesky Washington Township victims getting in the way of whatever Whiterose has up her dress sleeve! 

Alexa, Is Anyone Ever Going to Listen to Dom?

After the shooting in Lupe’s, Dom is even more convinced that the Dark Army and China are in cahoots and up to something much bigger and more dangerous to national security than even she imagined. Santiago is worried that’s she gone off the handle after yet another traumatic incident in which there were “several innocent deaths” (are Darlene and Cisco among them?). But now that news has broken that China is loaning E Corp two trillion dollars interest free, he grudgingly admits that her conspiracy theory might actually have some merit. But, he advises, they “need to start finding a way to walk in between the mines and not on them.” After getting him to promise that he’ll let her “do the interview,” she goes home and spends some quality time with her computerized bestie, Alexa. 

Get a Loan with Ecoin!

Move over Bitcoin! Move over U.S. dollars! Ecoin loans are here! Phillip steamrolls the beleaguered Treasury Secretary into letting E Corp roll out Ecoin loans to get the economy going again and rebuild the banking sector. And if you believe that, we have some swampland down in Florida for you… 

Mind Awake, Body Asleep

Elliot wakes up after he doesn't know how long to find Mr. Robot in his apartment, rifling through a stack of mail. Mr. Robot comes upon a takeout menu for Red Wheelbarrow BBQ with a handwritten cipher message on it. His deft decoding reveals a phone number, which Mr. Robot calls. Elliot overhears a computerized voice say that there will be a cab waiting for him on 25th Street and 8th Avenue. Elliot follows Mr. Robot outside but loses him in the crowd. Damn! But wait, he is Mr. Robot so he can just go to the meeting point without him. Whew! And who gets into that cab with Elliot? Tyrell! But Elliot isn’t sure if it’s really Tyrell, another one of Mr. Robot’s tricks or his own lucid dreaming. He starts freaking out on the cab driver, who doesn’t speak much English, to tell him whether or not the driver sees and hear Tyrell, which gets both Elliot and Tyrell (or just Elliot depending on where you land on that riddle) thrown out of the cab. (Guess they’ll have to walk.) Tyrell says that the Dark Army told him Stage 2 is ready. But of course Elliot has no idea what Stage 2 is because he doesn’t remember. “When you see it, you’ll be pleased,” Tyrell reassures him. “It worked, Elliot. It’s up to us now. Let me show you.” And like Humphrey Bogart as Rick and Claude Rains as Louis in Casablanca, they walk off together into the pre-dawn light.