S1 episode 9


Aired on August 19, 2015

Elliot demands to know why Mr. Robot didn’t tell him that he was alive sometime over the last twenty years. Mr. Robot explains that Elliot is not well and that “they” have been feeding him pills so he forgets what they want him to forget. Mr. Robot, nervous that the men in black will hear them, especially because they don’t want Mr. Robot to be alive, takes Elliot to their old house in Washington Township. Mr. Robot has a different take on the window incident that Elliot just can’t reconcile with his own memories. Unable to stand it anymore, Elliot pushes Mr. Robot out of his bedroom window. 

Darlene, who has been frantically looking for Elliot, calls Angela for help, their shared history and cooperation to keep that fact from Elliot now apparent. Still hurt by Elliot’s abandonment of their friendship, Angela is unwilling to join the search, especially since Darlene won’t tell her what’s really going on and her recent reappearance has only made Elliot worse. Back in New Jersey, Angela’s father mentions that he saw Darlene in town, so Angela goes to Darlene and Elliot’s old house and finds Darlene who has come to look for Elliot there but the house is empty. Then they see that the broken window in Elliot’s old bedroom, which they take as a sign that he’s been there.

At Mr. Robot’s urging, he and Elliot go to the town cemetery. They hear Darlene and Angela calling his name. Mr. Robot says he will never leave Elliot again but “they” are going to try to get rid of him again so he needs Elliot to not let them. Elliot is upset and confused. What does Mr. Robot mean? Where is he going? When the girls reach Elliot, they ask him who’s he talking to. Elliot turns back to Mr. Robot but all that’s there is his father’s grave. Mr. Robot is gone—or does he not exist? If his father is really dead, then who is Mr. Robot?