S1 episode 8


Aired on August 12, 2015

While at the arcade, Elliot gets a text that Allsafe has been hacked so he rushes back to the office. The Allsafe team is scrambling to fix the hack and keep news of it from leaking to their clients. While Elliot tries to reverse engineer the malware, he wonders if the hack is just a distraction, and if so, from what. After Ollie oddly orders Elliot to take some infected drives to Blank’s Disk Recovery, Elliot starts putting the clues together and realizes that all of this is an elaborate plan to lead Elliot to his meeting with whiterose.

In the three minutes the imposing and extremely time-sensitive whiterose has allotted to speak to Elliot, she tells Elliot that the Dark Army hacked Allsafe because Gideon has been tracking Elliot’s moves on the Evil Corp server, creating a very serious vulnerability for them all. Disappointed by Elliot’s grave misstep, whiterose charges Elliot with removing Gideon’s “honeypot” within the next fifty hours to or the Dark Army will not only walk away from the Steel Mountain plan but also Elliot will also suffer some personal consequences. 

Meanwhile, Tyrell is becoming unhinged since strangling Sharon Knowles the night before. The detectives show up at his office to question him, but he manages to put them off—temporarily at least. Joanna thinks their original plan is still in play and that Tyrell got photos of Sharon and him having sex on the roof. He’s too afraid to tell her that not only did he fail, but also he has colossally derailed their dreams. Out of desperation, Tyrell goes to meet a very unexpected colleague: Mr. Robot.