S1 episode 7


Aired on August 5, 2015

A month has passed since everything went down with Shayla and Vera. Elliot has just fulfilled the court-ordered mandate of a year of therapy. Krista signs his papers while urging him to continue their work. His response is to take his completed form and leave. After a few days, however, Elliot returns to her office. It all comes spilling out—that he’s a hacker and to prove it, recounts details about her that he would never know otherwise, stunning her into silence. He desperately wants a way out of this loneliness, just like her. Is that what she’s been wanting to hear? 

Angela and the lawyer Antara Nayar request a meeting with Terry Colby through his legal team, dangling information that could help his case as incentive. Colby’s lawyers grant it on the conditions that Antara can get Colby immunity and that Angela meets with him alone. When Angela arrives at Colby’s townhouse for the meeting, she tells him if he agrees to testify against the execs who covered up the illegal dumping of epoxy resin waste in the Washington Township scandal, she will testify that she broke the chain of custody with the DAT file that’s central to his case. At first he turns her down in the most insulting, sexist way possible but somehow her words get through to him and he’s reluctantly willing to play ball. 

Mr. Robot tells Darlene that they need to somehow talk to whiterose directly to get the Dark Army back in their camp. Since she’s been frozen out, she’s been trying to send messages to the Dark Army by hacking Cisco’s system but so far, no dice. Besides, she says, tape backups have already shipped out to the new Steel Mountain facilities but Mr. Robot reveals that he has put a plan in motion. When Cisco figures out that Darlene has hacked his system, he says he’s done with her for good, but incredibly, the meeting with whiterose is on. Now Darlene and Mr. Robot need to reassemble the fsociety team—no easy task since Trenton and Romero seem too disillusioned by their recent failure to return. 

At the reception to welcome Scott Knowles to Evil Corp as the new CTO, Tyrell sidles up to his wife Sharon. She’s disappointed that he gave up his pursuit so easily. Encouraged by her flirtation, he “orders” her to meet him on the roof. When she joins him, she tells Tyrell that she sees through his manipulations and that Scott is planning to fire him. In return, he tells her she needs this because she’s dissatisfied. They start kissing fervently and then, swept up in a fit of uncontrollable rage, he strangles her to death. Shocked by what he has done, he wipes the saliva from both of their mouths and runs.