S1 episode 4


Aired on July 15, 2015

At fsociety, Elliot lays out his plan to hack Steel Mountain’s climate control system and raise the heat high enough to melt all the tapes that record the data. Romero points out the plan’s many flaws but when Elliot remembers that they only have a few days left before Evil Corp switches over to their new redundant security protocols based on what Tyrell Wellick told him, they reluctantly agree it’s now or never. 

Unfortunately, “now” coincides with when Elliot is trying to kick his morphine habit. His detox winds up delaying the implementation of their plan by a crucial thirty-six hours. Even so, Mr. Robot stays by Elliot’s side because he believes that Elliot is the only force of nature at play here. 

While the men of fsociety are on the road to Albany, Darlene and Trenton try to make contact with Darlene’s connection at the Dark Army to tee them up to work on a parallel path to ensure Steel Mountain’s backup data is destroyed. After a failed attempt to track him down at his usual Sunday hangout, Darlene and Trenton are picked up in a black stretch limo and taken to where Cisco, Darlene’s ex boyfriend and the guy who has been blackmailing Ollie, is hanging out. She explains that Dark Army’s piece of the plan needs to go down tomorrow but he says that the guys he works for aren’t motivated by the same “free the masses, free the world” stuff as she and her cronies are. She begs him to talk to them. 

After an excruciating, hallucination-filled couple of days, the worst of Elliot’s withdrawal finally seems to be over. They resume their journey in their stolen minivan toward Steel Mountain. There’s no turning back now.